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Contribution from Casserole ┬╗Sat Aug 15, 2020 3:50 pm

Obviously I haven't fully understood everything yet.

The advantage of a CO2 bottle would be that I only need CO2 bottle-> pressure reducer + manometer-> pressure reducer fine + manometer-> hose-> coupling-> bottle cap with valve. I thought my linked ones were valves. Similar to the Gardena system ...
I imagined it like that:

Then I could connect the 1. water bottle 2. open the large bottle, set the fine pressure 3. wait briefly, 4. lock the water bottle under pressure, close the CO2 bottle, done.

Actually logical and with that you have answered my main question: Sodastream glass bottles are 1. pressure-resistant and 2. dishwasher-safe. I hadn't thought of them before.
Then I would "only" need bottle caps with valves and couplings ... Such a soda-stream bubble machine bothers me, it is a stand-in-the-way for me.

How is this done with a Sodastream device? Connect, apply pressure, wait until the CO2 has dissolved, take the open bottle out of the device, put the screw cap on? The water that I drank from a Sodastream soda maker was more "medium - low" than soda. But I could control that with a CO2 bottle.

Why I otherwise hadn't considered a standard fountain bottle: not machine-cleanable. In winter it can be the case that a bottle is standing around for> 1 week.

Trend? The YouTube videos that deal with DIY carbonated soda or the like are years old. It may take a while for information, experiences and tricks to spread or for structured, substantial forum posts to appear. In addition, there may be a reassessment of priorities in 2020 ... plus the hot summer?