Who swam across Lake Ontario

"Water is your element"

- A report about the Canadian exchange student Margo Bacher -

The host parents of the Canadian exchange student Margo Bacher hadn't expected a swimmer. The almost sixteen-year-old, who has been attending the Gotthold-Ephraim-Lessing grammar school in Kamenz since September, has her home with Susi and Jens Philipp in Friedersdorf for a year. With a family where it is rather very musical.
Margo is from Cornwall in the province of Ontario. Here she has been swimming since she was four. And very actively! Swimming is practiced five days a week and endurance runs three times to improve fitness. That's eighteen hours a week. Of course, success cannot fail to exist. At fourteen, she finished seventh in the 100 meter breaststroke on Canada's annual top list. She needed the respectable time of 01: 18.87 for this. Annually, Margo competes in up to eleven competitions, five of which are high-level such as provincial championships and Canada championships.
Her family feels connected to water sports, because her two sisters, twenty-year-old Maxine and eighteen-year-old Corinne, are not only good, but also successful swimmers in provincial and national competitions. And dad is an active triathlete. They all belong to the "Cornwall Sea Lions", a swimming club that consists of around sixty members who have rented an indoor swimming pool for training purposes.
A full-time coach leads the training. Financing is provided through membership fees, sponsoring and - somewhat unusual for German standards - through work by the swimming youth, who offer car washes or lawn mowing for private individuals as a service and for the benefit of the club. The "Cornwall Sea Lions" are also financed with the proceeds from lotteries at club parties.
During her stay in Germany, Margo trained at the OSSV. She also comes from Friedersdorf to Kamenz three times a week, and at times when there are no buses. It goes without saying that the host parents do everything to ensure that Margo can also swim in Kamenz. They brought their family connections to the Thomschke triathlete family into the game, which from now on organizes that Margo is taken to training.
To keep her in shape, competitions for the OSSV should also be completed. She made her debut for it on October 14th in the competition for the Greizer Sprint Cup. She was the first swimmer to finish in 50m freestyle (00: 30.33), 50m chest (00: 37.79) and 50m butterfly (00: 35.45). She also hit second in the 50m backstroke (00: 36.87). Unfortunately, she swam outside of the rating, because the German Swimming Association only allows guest participation if the necessary formalities with the Canadian club have been completed. That's still missing. In Germany everything has to be in order.
It should not go unmentioned that Margo's family name is of German descent. The great-grandfather Bacher emigrated from Germany to Canada. But Irish, French and even an Indian are also among their ancestors. She knows how to report about this with great enthusiasm, and you can tell that she is very proud of her almost international ancestry and her Canadian homeland.