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Kisame Hoshigaki(Kisame = demon shark; Hoshigaki = dried persimmon) was a member of Akatsuki originally from Kirigakure village. There he was one of the seven Shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure and he wields the most powerful of the seven swords, the Samehada. His partner was Itachi Uchiha. In combat, he mainly relies on Suiton-Jutsus and his immense chakra, which is on the level of a Jinchuuriki, which has earned him the nickname "The tailless Jinchuuriki". He can also fuse with his sword, taking on a shark-like shape.


Kisame's appearance is very similar to that of a shark, so he has blue skin and hair, fangs, a shark-like jaw, fish-like eyes and gill-like depressions under the eyes, even if it is unclear whether these are real gills, because of his Fusion ability with Samehada is quite possible. When it fuses with its sword, it gets a long tail, huge dorsal fin, and fins on its arms. Its shoulders are studded with gills, its skin becomes that of a fish and can detect chakras, and it can move underwater at high speed. Strangely enough, his lower body remains completely human. Otherwise he wears the normal Akatsuki outfit, the black coat with red clouds and the straw hat. Another noticeable feature apart from its fish-like appearance is the samehada, which he clearly wears on his back and which he usually has wrapped in bandages.


As a shinobi, Kisame, like his former colleague Zabuza Momochi, stands out for his great thirst for blood and a strong tendency towards violence and aggression. In his approach, however, Kisame is even more brutal than Zabuza, which manifests itself primarily in his sawing and tearing sword strokes and his shark attacks, which tear apart the enemy. This merciless approach has earned him the nickname "The Kirigakure Monster". To stop his opponent, he usually does more than is actually necessary, for example he wants to chop off the legs of Killer B so that he does not run away or in his youth he kills an entire deciphering team so that they keep a secret. He seems to only live to fight and really enjoys slaughtering his opponents or getting hurt himself. Itachi often has to admonish him not only to torment his opponents, but also to think about the mission. Furthermore, he seems to prefer one-on-one fights, as he insists on fighting Roushi alone. Despite his raw and bellicose nature, he is extremely loyal when he respects the strength of his counterpart. So, contrary to his wild nature, he unconditionally follows Itachi and carries out his commands without questioning, since he recognizes them as stronger. It is similar with Tobi, whom he addresses as a former Mizukage and for whose cause he later gives his life. As it turns out, he is not driven exclusively by bloodlust and belligerence, but follows Tobi's ideal, whose plan to achieve peace through total oppression he follows and for which he is ready to die.


Kisame in Kirigakure

Kisame was a Kiri-Nin in an information gathering unit. He and several other Shinobi in this unit have been on a mission to bring secret codes to safety from the enemy. Before the mission, his predecessor among the seven shinobi swordsmen from Kirigakure told him not to trust anyone and to protect the codes with his life. On the mission, he meets Ibiki Morino and to make sure that no one from his team would be caught and thereby reveal the information to the enemy, Kisame kills his own people. Back in Kirigakure, he kills his predecessor among the Shinobi swordsmen and takes his sword Samehada. The fourth Mizukage then appears and offers Kisame to work for him directly. A man who owns the Sharingan now emerges from behind Yagura Karatachi. Kisame asks him who he is, to which the man replies that he is Madara Uchiha. Kisame now realizes that this man must have controlled the Yondaime Mizukage, the Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi, all along.

Forced recruitment

Akatsuki was interested in Deidara's special abilities, so they sent Itachi, Kisame and Sasori, whose partner Deidara would become. They gave him a chance: if he lost a fight against Itachi, he would have to join Akatsuki, but if Akatsuki did win he could leave. But Deidara lost the fight against Itachi by a huge margin, since then he has been a member of the Akatsuki.

Battle for Naruto

Kisame had to leave his village of Kirigakure at an unknown date after attempting to kill the then daimyou of his country. At some point after that he joined Akatsuki, his partner at Akatsuki is Itachi Uchiha, for whom he has a lot of respect.
Shortly after Orochimaru attacked Konohagakure, Kisame and Itachi arrive there. They want to capture Naruto. But before they can look for him, Asuma and Kurenai discover them. A brief fight ensues between the two of them and the Jonin. This is where the first test of strength takes place between him and Maito Gai. But since they are not in Konoha to fight, they withdraw. When they rediscover Naruto during his search for Tsunade, he is in the company of Jiraiya. They manage to separate the two, and just as they are about to grab Naruto, Itachi's little brother Sasuke shows up. Shortly afterwards, Jiraiya also appears. A small fight ensues, at the end of which Kisame and Itachi withdraw. They decide not to pursue Naruto while he is with Jiraiya.

Gaara's kidnapping

After Gaara is captured by Deidara, Kisame is sent to stop Team Gai, who are on their way to free Gaara so as not to disturb the removal of the Bijuu. In the following fight he puts the entire desert under water and manages to incapacitate Neji, Tenten and Rock Lee, but fails again because of Maito Gai, who uses Asakujaku and manages to defeat Kisame. However, after the fight, his team has to discover that they have only defeated a subordinate Sasoris who was transformed with Shouten no Jutsu.

Capture of the Yonbi

The bijuu that Kisame is supposed to catch is the yonbi. Kisame asks Itachi to keep out of the fight against the Jinchuuriki of the Yonbi, Roushi. Not much is known about the fight, Kisame only says that Roushi was a strong opponent because of his Youton. In the end, Kisame succeeds in defeating the Jinchuuriki. Together with Itachi, he makes his way to one of Akatsuki's many hiding places. There they remove the bijuu from its host.

Fight against killers B

After Sasuke and his team fail to catch the Hachibi's Jinchuuriki, Tobi sends Kisame out to take care of it. While Tobi goes to the Kage meeting to explain his "Eye of the Moon" plan to those present, Kisame has the task of defeating Killer B and getting the eight-tailed man. He finds him in a remote forest, where he trains with his enka master Sabu. Kisame can quickly eliminate this and his raccoon Ponta, so that the fight with the Jinchuuriki can begin.

Killer B manages to seriously injure Kisame, but Kisame is healed by his sword and his chakra reserves are recharged. Then he creates a water sphere and fuses with his Samehada, changing his body and taking on a shark-like shape. After a violent exchange of blows, he succeeds in bringing Killer B to the ground. Kisame breaks his connection with his sword in order to sever the legs of Killer B, but then Samehada stands against Kisame and unexpectedly heals Killer B. Kisame then takes one of Killer B's swords and hits the moment Kisame strikes the RaikageA with two companions and stops him. A and Killer B now attack Kisame together. He is still trying to use a jutsu but is too slow to counter the attack. He is hit with full force by a Raiton: Daburu Rariatto, who beheads him.

In order to sneak into Kumogakure, which Tobi suspects would guard the eight-tailed Jinchuuriki closely during the war, Kisame swapped places with Zetsu's white half of the body during his fight with Killer B, who created an outwardly perfect but weaker duplicate of Kisame while Kisame himself was hiding in the Samehada. In this hiding place he is brought to Kumogakure unnoticed by Killer B.

On the island

After Naruto succeeds in gaining control of Kyuubi's chakra, Kisame is discovered by him based on his negative feelings. Kisame then tries to escape, but is stopped by Maito Gai. Shortly thereafter, Samehada breaks away from Kisame and returns to Killer B, but Kisame takes this opportunity and grabs the hilt of the sword and thus absorbs the chakra of the eight-tailed man. He then escapes under water. Kisame uses Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon a shark and hands him a scroll containing information about the last two Jinchuuriki and the island. But Gai shows up in time and Gai and Kisame fight for the third time. Gai opens the seventh gate and can finally decide the fight for himself. Then Kisame is tied up so that information about Akatsuki can be obtained from him. Aoba Yamashiro reads Kisame's mind and finds out that Kisame served the fourth Mizukage Yagura Karatachi, who was actually controlled by a man with the Sharingan. When Aoba tries to find out more information, Kisame frees himself, who remembers why he is serving Tobi: because he believes in his ideals. He remembers his first encounters with Tobi and Itachi and commits suicide by being eaten by his own sharks. Gai then speaks of the death of a true Shinobi and vows never to forget his name.

Techniques and special skills

Kisame has the most chakra within Akatsuki and is also known as "The tailless Jinchuuriki". With these enormous chakra reserves he can, for example, create a whole lake out of nothing. His already immense chakra is drastically increased by the ability of Samehada to absorb chakra and to pass it on to its user, since with every hit Samehada takes in another chakra, which can also heal his wounds. If he fuses with his sword, the mere physical contact with his opponent is enough to withdraw chakra from him and he can feel chakra with his skin surface. The ability to fuse, which turns him into a kind of shark-human hybrid, also gives him the ability to breathe underwater and swim as fast as a fish, plus he gets faster and stronger. Otherwise, his strengths are closer to hand-to-hand combat and Ken-Jutsu, where he can cause severe damage with his raw strength and his mighty sword. Furthermore, he is a suiton specialist who, with the help of his enormous chakra, usually resorts to powerful and large-scale suiton jutsus in combat, and he also masters the element doton. His chakra in combination with his sword and his suiton attacks make him one of the most powerful shinobi within Akatsuki.


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diagram Total (max. 40) Nin-jutsu Tai jutsu Gene jutsu Knowledge Strength speed Chakra Finger sign
32,5 4,5 4,5 2,5 3,5 5 4 5 3,5

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Kisame is officially classified as a Nukenin as he is a member of Akatsuki. Some special skills allow him to be classified at a very high Jonin level: