Is Instagram better than YouTube

YouTube vs Instagram influencer marketing: which platform is better for your campaign

YouTube vs. Instagram - How to choose the right influencer for your campaign

In order to find the right influencers, platforms and content for your campaign, these 3 aspects play a key role:

engagement - The followers interact with content on different levels. Engagement determines the level of interaction between followers. It also shows whether your message has been received. The followers actively reinforce the content, for example by liking the post, commenting on it and, in the best case, even sharing it with others.

relevance - How many of your target customers are among the influencer's followers? You have to find out whether the influencer shares the same values ​​and values ​​as the target group of your brand. When choosing an influencer, it is important to determine the level of relevance so that the message is aimed at the right audience.

Range - The reach relates to the number of people you can potentially reach through the influencer's content. This means the number of followers an influencer has on their social pages. It's common for brands to want to partner with influencers who have access to large numbers of followers. However, a partnership with an influencer that is only based on the high number of followers does not necessarily guarantee success. Our Influencer Marketing Trend Report 2019 shows how important micro-influencers will be in the future.

Why is YouTube suitable for influencer marketing?

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and has over 2 billion monthly active users. YouTube videos are great sources of information for anyone interested in beauty, fitness, fashion, food, travel, and more. These niches in particular are becoming more popular every day and are represented on YouTube by numerous influencers.

YouTube is an excellent platform for high-quality, long-lasting content. A sponsored YouTube video can be very effective in affecting a fire. After all, more than 500 million hours of videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Of course, the production of YouTube videos requires more budget than formats such as Instagram Stories.

YouTube expressed in numbers:

  • Founding year: 2005
  • Active users per month: more than 2 billion
  • Active users per day: 30 million
  • Average watch time per user: ~ 21 minutes

Why Instagram is a good fit for influencer marketing

Instagram's snackable content is ideal for consumers who don't have the time to watch long videos. The focus here is on aesthetics, which is reflected in pictures and short videos. However, content on Instagram can not only be consumed quickly, it also requires less advertising budget.

Instagram in numbers:

  • Founding year: 2010
  • Active users per month: more than a billion
  • Average watch time per user and day: 30 minutes

Instagram vs. YouTube - which platform should you choose?

The advantages of YouTube:

  • Great medium for fashion, entertainment, games, beauty and almost all kinds of brands.
  • Good for increasing sales - especially when influencers share product reviews along with the link to buy in the video description.
  • Audiences can be effectively involved and results are easy to measure.
  • Videos have a long lifespan and you can benefit from them even after your campaign is over.

The advantages of Instagram:

  • A great choice for lifestyle, fitness, fashion, beauty, food, and travel brands.
  • Ideal for branding and more visibility with relevant target groups.
  • The cost of creating content is lower than YouTube videos but has a much shorter lifespan.
  • You can reuse the images after your campaign has ended with the influencer's permission.

Both YouTube and Instagram offer great opportunities for an influencer campaign. YouTube videos allow you to share more information with your audience and have a longer lifespan. Instagram content is cheaper, but has less information content. However, the platform can help you to reach relevant target groups quickly and effectively. A cross-platform strategy can also be profitable and combines the advantages of both channels. Most important, however, is that you choose a platform that your target audience is present on.

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