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Tips for a perfect pa amb oli

Pa amb oli is something so simple that is common on the island of Mallorca that it is most commonly found in many Mallorcan homes.

Therefore, when we have dinner with friends or family, sometimes to avoid complications, it is a good idea to make a pa amb oli because it is something simple and easy to make.

Here are a few tips to turn a pa amb oli prepared with care and attention to detail into a wonderful dinner.

The essential elements for a good pa amb oli: Mallorcan bread, tomato ramallet and olive oil.


First you have to buy a good, fresh Mallorcan bread of the day.
As we can see from the name of the dish, the basis of pa amb oli is bread. It is therefore worth buying in the "Forn" that we know is good, with its crispy crust and the thick and juicy crumb that is so typical of unsalted Mallorcan bread.

Olive oil and tomatoes
It has to be prepared the way it should be, with olive oil, possibly extra virgin, and the authentic ramb tomatoes. The Ramallet tomato is an indigenous tomato variety that can be found in Mallorca. Ramalette tomatoes are usually hung up so that they can be kept longer. The tomato is red-orange in color and has the property of having a lot of flesh. Unlike mashed or normal tomatoes, ramb tomatoes are wet and do not soften the bread once they are hung to ripen. The low water requirement and the thicker skin make it the perfect tomato to rub and impregnate the whole slice of bread with its unique aromatic pulp.

Diverse and high quality sausage and cheese board


Charcuterie chalkboard


It is often believed that a good pa mabo oli requires a large variety and amount of sausages so that nobody goes hungry. But that is not the case, it is more important that there are good quality sausages that, in excessive quantities, leave a good taste in the mouth. Some good sausages like Xoriço de Porc Negre Mallorquin. The sirloin from Porc Negre and the salchichon from Porc Negre are a good base for Mallorcan sausages that accompany the pa amb oli. A good Mallorcan sobrassada should definitely not be forgotten, and if you want different types of sausages that are a little more gourmet, like Cuixot products, we recommend the different types of sobrassada and Fuet de can company

I can assure you that a pa amb oli oli variado de embutidos mallorquines y quesos constitutes the joys of every person.

Tips for preparing a good pa amb oli
Get the Mallorcan sausages out of the fridge in good time.

Even the best sausage that comes out of the refrigerator looks tough. We recommend that you take the vacuum-packed Mallorcan sausages out of the refrigerator an hour before dinner so that they get used to the room temperature and all of the flavors come into their own.


In addition, it is ideal to place the sausages with volumes that can breathe and exude their flavor so that they are easier to catch, because sometimes the slices stick when they are removed from the packaging. The ideal way to prevent this from happening is to separate the slices one at a time when placing them on the trays. You will see that not only are they easier to take, but they also look more welcoming.

Surprise your guests with new ingredients


There are no rules restricting the use of products for a pa amb oli. It can be as different and original as we want it to be. You shouldn't limit yourself to sausage and cheese without complicating yourself, because of course a pa amb oli has to be something simple, but I am convinced that you can enjoy Mallorcan cuisine twice as well if you place a few pieces of omelette on a cold meat platter places, for example some croquettes with butiffaron.

Complete the dish with some extras not to be missed

A good table cannot be without olives, pickles, spring onions, capers and fonoll marí. Some dried apricots, figs, or plums. Pistachios, walnuts, Mallorcan almonds, quinces and honey. With these extras, the pa amb oli will have a completely different taste and the aromas will combine wonderfully.