Canadians still have Christmas bonuses

The sum on the flood donation account of the city of Pirna has now grown to 2.6 million euros. Half of this has already been paid out to private households, clubs and businesses.

The head of the coordination office for reconstruction in Pirna was amazed when he saw the high amount. A large tax consultancy and auditing company recently transferred 275,000 euros to the flood donation account. That is the highest single donation so far, says Steffen Wehner.

This increased the account balance to around 2.6 million euros. The coordinators have already paid out around 1.3 million euros to those affected. According to Wehner, part of the remaining money should remain in the account as a reserve. Because the consequential damage is not yet foreseeable. The total damage in the urban area is so far given at 175 million euros.

The financial injections flow from the municipal donation pot to private households, associations and companies. On application, families receive 150 euros from the general fund for the head of the household, i.e. the main breadwinner, and 100 euros for the other family members. Provided that a minimum damage of 1,000 euros is to be complained about. So far, 860 private applications have passed the coordinators' table. In addition, 350 families with sums of between 500 and 2,500 euros were donated from the donations earmarked for private households.

In addition, 35 companies received 2,500 euros each, the others 1,000 euros each. The coordinators put their stamp on 397 commercial applications.

Steffen Wehner and his colleague Roswitha Dre├čel were careful right from the start to distribute the money fairly. Otherwise there would have been a risk that some would become millionaires in donations, while others would not receive anything in return. Too many helpers wanted to give their money to children's facilities and families with children. The coordinators therefore urged them to donate for various purposes. "After all, enough others are affected."

In addition to the large sums, small and exotic donations continue to amaze the distributors. A school class in Bremen, for example, collected 50 cents per kilometer and student for Pirna on their hiking day, a total of 523 euros. From North America, 2,000 Canadian dollars trickled into the county seat.

At the behest of the Saxon Ministry of the Interior, there is an additional Christmas bonus for flood victims: Those who have had to leave their apartment for at least two months because of the flood get 500 euros. If there are children or people in need of care living in the household, the amount increases to 1,000 euros. Applications for this can be made at the coordination office at Oberen Burgstrasse 14.