What is a pump and dump group

Inside Pump: How Crypto Assets Are Pumped Into Telegram Groups

“Pump XRP Official”, “Crypto Trading Signals & Pumps”, “Binance Pump Signals” - if you search for “Pump” on Telegram, you will get a colorful selection of more or less dubious chats. They all have one goal in common: to artificially inflate the respective crypto currency and sell it again at a profit. But that only works if many people do the same thing at the same time. A look at Telegram's pumping communities.

XRP rose to just under one euro or more than one dollar per token on Tuesday. The price was last so high more than three years ago, when the first Bitcoin hype subsided and XRP and the many other Altcoins tore down. A lot has happened since then - but after a billions lawsuit by the US stock exchange regulator against Ripple, XRP is worth as much as it was three years ago. How can that be?

Pump communities

There is no valid reason for the course madness at XRP. Ripple has neither successfully defended the SEC lawsuit (the proceedings are still ongoing), nor have there been reports of new major customers relying on XRP, nor are there any great technical innovations in the controversial crypto asset. And yet, there is obviously a reason: XRP has been selected as the newest target in pump groups in the network. In the “Pump XRP Official” group alone there are around 2,000 people who are constantly receiving orders not to short XRP and to definitely buy it. “Send it to the sky”, it says, for example, or “it's gonna be a wonderful month”. But it is also more aggressive: “DO NOT SHORT XRP” was the motto at the beginning of February, but a little later the price fell significantly.

Buy, buy, buy

Things are still clear in the “Binance Pump Signals” group. As far as possible, no mistakes should be made, so the moderator summarizes all the important data. It looks something like this:

Date: Sunday, April 11th
Time: 5 pm GMT
Exchange: Binance
+26 whale channels (large channels promoting the same thing, note)
Target: + 40% / 80% PROFIT !!!

Forbidden for stocks

Such agreements would be regarded as market manipulation on the regulated stock market; the rules for cryptocurrencies have not yet been defined. The FMA is clearer: "

“Under European law - and thus in Austria - market manipulation can be based on trade (false and misleading signals, abnormal price level) on the basis of actions (false pretenses, other acts of deception) and on the basis of information (i.e. through the spread of false rumors, improper analyzes and the non-disclosure of Conflicts of interests) as well as in the form of benchmark manipulation. The applicable market abuse regulation (MAR for short) is a regulation for everyone.

It includes all market participants: institutional, retail and media. The term media and journalists is broadly defined here, especially in digital communication, as blogs, information on trading and communication platforms, stock market and investment information via email and social media and much more are also included. The competent authority must check on a case-by-case basis whether there is market manipulation or even fraud. "

Uppercase for more volume

Before the pump runs out, there are also numerous messages again - so that everyone who knows what they are doing can swap or sell in good time. This can also be seen in the example of the “WallStreetPump Probit / Hotbit / Binance” group (41,000 subscribers). There the information is a little more pressure-oriented. Every quarter of an hour there is a warning that the pump is about to start before it starts. The starting shot then sounds like this:

The chosen coin is: HATCH
Pair here: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=XXX (defaced by us)
HATCH is the pumped coin !!! Buy Buy Buy !!

If everyone has done well, there is also praise: “AWESOME PUMP! TEP Started at 0.006 $ and Reached 0.016 $ from -40% to 300% +, AWESOME! Share in social media, create hype. Join our vips to get the best Crypto Pumps Signals and make HUGE PROFITS. "

2.2 million people in one group

Other groups such as “Crypto Binance Trading” even have 2.2 million subscribers, although it is of course unclear how many bots and inactive accounts are among them. The iconic “Pump” is also missing in the title. Either way: If you want to join one of the pump groups, you can do it in a few minutes. As a rule, a classic search directly in Telegram is sufficient, but Google can also help here without any problems. There are also numerous links to other groups in the groups themselves. This means that those who are part of a group will have little problem being accepted into other groups - if they are not publicly accessible anyway. That is mostly the case, after all, the system only works if a maximum of many people are there.

In general, the following applies: The instructions are short and imperative, especially in groups with the aim of “pumping” individual assets. There are no further explanations why something should be done. The “client” is also more of a kind of digital eminence, who is behind it is usually not known. There is also no discussion or cooperation. A single digital voice commands what happens - and then hopes that enough members stick to the procedure. That this works is not only shown by the current XRP pump. Other cryptocurrencies have also seen similar explosive price increases, well-known examples are ChiliZ, BitTorrent or the Binance Token.

Unknown masterminds

It is difficult to find out who is behind which chat groups. Many chats have existed for months, others are completely new or very young. There are differences, however, in the way in which communication takes place: In “Crypto Binance Trading” there is less talk about pumps than information about which market is “bullish” and which prices are expected. Many of the reports are also provided with links that lead to pages that should be taken seriously. Among others: Bitconist, Cryptodaily or Coindesk. That gives a much more trustworthy impression than a moderator who just yells where the money is going.

In case of doubt, however, the following applies anyway: pumps are something for day traders and all those who want to speculate. Since both the identity of the group moderator and his intentions are unclear, the rule here is: Better hands off - and if you really want to participate, then only with money that can really be lost.

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