What is hosted voip

IP Centrex or Hosted PBX?

The software basis modern IP telephone systems allowed this location-independent operate on servers. Often providers also offer Packages with different functionality and scalable number of extensions and simultaneous calls, according to the needs of the customer.


IP telephones, SIP trunks and other services can be connected to the telephone system via the local network or the Internet, as can home offices, branch offices and cell phones. Certain providers allow telephones to register with a local Session Border Controller (SBC), which in turn registers with the PBX. This has the advantage that internal calls between participants at the same location are routed over the local network and not over the Internet.


Companies are now faced with the question of whether a new PBX is on-premise or In-house telephone system locally on site or externally in a data center is to be operated as a cloud or hosted telephone system. The following is a look at the different types of cloud and hosted telephone systems. In any case, are Consider safety aspectssuch as securing the PBX and company locations as well as encrypted telephony and secure data transmission. Also the Bandwidth requirements to Connection of all employees and devices, possibly via the Networking several locations, is to be taken into account as well Local networks optimized for VoIP.


Hosted telephone system without provider connection

Many software telephone systems include functions that make use of the system on a server in a data center support. The Software or firmware is installed in a virtual machine (VM) on the server. No provider connection means that customers have one Choose any SIP provider and set up in the system. End devices can register with the system via the Internet. These PBXs are usually aimed at a large target group. High number of users and one accordingly large range of functions become with corresponding costs and set-up effort supported. Also Functions for special customer groups such as call centers or hotels are often included or available in the form of additional modules or licenses.


In addition, providers of telecommunications systems often cooperate with third-party providers and data center operators, while other providers provide the systems TÜV-tested and GDPR-compliant host in own, domestic data centers. In both cases, customers usually have the option of booking the cloud or server instance through the telephone system provider when purchasing the licenses.


Hosted telephone system with provider connection

Many SIP providers offer in connection with their SIP trunks also offer a cloud or hosted telephone system. Some Complete offers also include a VDSL internet connection. However, these PBXs allow Usually no free choice of telephone provider and often offer one more compact range of functions as the providers of the above category. In both cases there is an advantage in the fact that customers each have their own, dedicated and entity separate from other customer systems received, and thus possibly not affected by complications in the instances of other customers. There are additional advantages that Telephony from a single source to acquire. For all questions, the SIP provider or a local installation partner is the central contact person. The SIP provider takes over TÜV-tested and GDPR-compliant Installation, operation and automatic updates of the telephone system. The user interface for the facility is mostly in the Online customer portal integrated and easy to use.


As with all cloud and hosted solutions, this is also the case here security concept to question, for example, the clarification of the question of whether the telephone system only has the Session Border Controller (SBC) of the provider and is thus protected against attacks from outside.


IP Centrex

An IP Centrex is another and very common example of one Telephone system with provider connection. Here operates a VoIP provider a PBX that is used by several customers. Such systems are often based on the same software and offer simple operation and a comparable number of functions.


Depending on the provider, an IP Centrex can often be used for several customers despite the shared infrastructure comparatively high monthly costs attack. That's because billed per extension also in the case of flat rates. Because several customers can share a common telephone system Security risks arise. Incorrect configuration of a single customer can increase the risk of system failures or security vulnerabilities, which can also affect other customers.