How big is civil engineering?

Civil engineering and outdoor facilities

Our core competencies range from earthworks and sewer construction to extensive civil engineering work and industrial road construction to the manufacture of complete outdoor facilities. With GPS-controlled excavators, caterpillars and graders, we create digitally stored terrain models with the highest precision. This eliminates time-consuming surveying and staking out work on your construction site. Ground improvement measures as well as the complete management of authorities and experts are also part of our day-to-day business.


Anyone who can move earth with daily outputs of up to 20,000 cubic meters must have a lot of experience in setting up functional logistics on construction sites. At Hagedorn, not a meter is driven in vain and not a single floor is moved in an unthought-of way. MORE

Sewer construction

From 20,000 to well over 150,000 square meters of area development, we take care of all work above and below the surface of the earth, including special solutions such as rainwater treatment systems or special foundations. MORE

Ind. Road construction

With our expertise in civil engineering, we create the basis that traffic can flow safely and quickly on your site. MORE

Outdoor facilities

The specialists at Hagedorn will be happy to manufacture complete outdoor facilities for you. MORE