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7 cursed objects to stay away from


Do you like it scary? You should still steer clear of these scary items.

If you're interested in paranormal and ghost stories, you've probably read or seen a lot about haunted houses. But houses are not the only thing that can be haunted by ghosts: cursed objects keep popping up that bring their owners nothing but fear, accidents and tragedies.

We have collected seven cursed items for you that you definitely don't want to get too close to. The background stories are bloody, mysterious or dramatic.

In the 1980s, Alan and Debbie Tallman bought a loft bed for their two children in a thrift shop. From the very first night it was clear that something was wrong with this bed. First, the Tallmans' son, who is described as an "extraordinarily healthy child", became very ill. The radio on the bedside table began to switch itself on and off and the Tallman's daughter claimed that a witch visited her every night in the lower bed. After a few weeks, the Tallmans began to hear voices in the house - and yet it was nine months before the family had enough. They destroyed the loft bed and the hauntings stopped.

The mirror in Myrtles Plantation

A long time ago, mirrors were seen as a passage into another world, as a connection to the dead. The mirror in Myrtles Plantation is no exception: it is over 200 years old and has been linked to a whole range of paranormal experiences. One of the stories is particularly tragic: Allegedly, a slave, Chloe, is said to have had a relationship with the owner of the plantation at the time. Fearing that he would be bored with her, she wanted to secure his favor. Her plan for it was anything but well thought out: Chloe is said to have poisoned the wife and two daughters of the landlord. Her plan was to nurse the family back to health and show their own importance. The dosage was too high and the three women died. When the other slaves heard of Chloe's deed, they are said to have lynched her. Allegedly, the spirits of all four women are in the mirror.

According to well-known ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, the story of Annabelle, the obsessed doll, began when a budding nurse was given it in 1970. The doll is said to have increasingly "come to life" and even injured the young woman's boyfriend. The two sought help from a medium who told them that the ghost of a dead girl named Annabelle Higgins resided in the doll. The medium allegedly tried several times to remove Annabelle's ghost from the doll, but was unsuccessful. The doll was then in the possession of Ed and Lorraine for a short time, who they described as "possessed by a demon". Annabelle's story has inspired numerous books and films. The original doll lies in a locked glass case in the Warrens' Occult Museum.

Thomas Busby's fatal chair

In June 1702 there was an argument between Thomas Busby and his father-in-law, allegedly over Busby's infidelity. Busby slew his father-in-law and then went to his favorite bar, where he always sat on the same chair. Legend has it that the police arrested Thomas Busby a little later on this very chair. Busby was convicted and hanged for what he did - allegedly cursing the chair in front of it, so that anyone who sits on it "will soon face death". Allegedly afterwards, the chair claimed up to 63 lives of people who had previously sat on it. Whether that was really a curse or just a coincidence from a time when people died earlier and more often is unclear.

Robert, the cursed doll

Dolls are apparently haunted more often: Robert should be able to move, change his facial expression and giggle. There are, however, different stories about his origins: One says that Otto, a young man, is said to have received the doll as a present from a girl whom he “wronged”. After that, his family is said to have been haunted for years. Another version says that Robert himself was "badly treated" and is haunted because of it. Local legends blame the doll for car accidents, broken bones, unemployment, divorce and other unpleasant events. In 2006 a horror film about Robert was released.

Valentino's cursed ring

In 1920, the film star Rudolph Valentino bought a simple silver ring with a few stones in a jewelry store in San Francisco. Valentino allegedly fell in love with the ring immediately and ignored all of the shopkeeper's warnings about supposed curses. Valentino wore the ring while shooting his next movie, which was a flop. Valentino, a bit superstitious, put the ring away for several years. When he died several years later, the ring was suddenly back on his finger. After his death, the ring went to Pola Negri, a lover of Valentino. She became seriously ill shortly afterwards, but recovered. She gave the ring to her younger sister, Russ Colombo, who died a week later in a car accident. At least three other people are believed to have died while the ring was in their possession.

This is probably the most famous cursed painting in the world: The Anguished Man, the artist is still unknown to this day. The details of the painting are all the more disturbing: The oil paint is said to contain the artist's blood, who is said to have committed suicide shortly after the painting was finished. Sean Robinson got the painting from his grandmother, who claimed there was a ghost in it. Sean, who didn't believe in ghosts, ignored his grandmother's warnings. After Sean hung the painting in his house, his wife saw dark shadows in the house and the two began to hear voices and noises from empty rooms. Sean also posted YouTube videos of the Visitation.