How does the rental of Chegg textbooks work

Buy textbooks? Chegg And should be your first stops

One of the worst kept secrets among high school students is that school bookstores are getting too expensive for textbooks. If you are attending a university you have undoubtedly come across this fact, and you may even have bought a book at a disproportionate price that is offered direct by the school. But why would anyone do that when many websites sell or rent the same book for a fraction of the price?

Chegg and are the most widely used textbook sites (except Amazon, of course), but they should be used to purchase your next college textbook. BookRenter: Save Money By Booking Books Online Online Books Online Read More Excursion? Let's take a look at what the two bookstores have to offer. Then you can decide which site is right for you.

Renting and buying textbooks

In the end, both sites will be built with a main function. get the textbooks as cheaply as possible. The search capabilities between the two websites are so similar that it is almost impossible to pick a winner. Both allow you to search for ISBN, author, title and keyword. has an advanced search feature that allows you to dig deeper into your search results, but Chegg seems to be lacking that feature. However, this does not matter as you will rarely be looking for just random books as you are usually looking for a specific title that is required for a class.

Since the search functions are so similar, it all comes down to the price of the books and the shipping costs.

Let's look at a book, Understanding Diet, 13th Edition, on both pages to compare the options. Chegg is offering the book with a return date of 5/30/2014. We found that Chegg's textbook rentals vary by day and state, but the final price includes shipping. also offers rental, but uses Chegg to fulfill their orders and charges $ 5.99 for shipping. Shipping costs vary by state, but this at least gives you an impressive figure. Although Chegg does fulfill rental contracts, may end up being a bit cheaper.

Now, if you want to buy the same book, is cheaper. In this example, “Understanding Diet, 13th Edition” is offered by for just $ 130 while Chegg lists it for $ 132.99. If used books aren't your thing, however, Chegg beat for a new copy priced at $ 187.99, while is charging $ 191.93. Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

Both sites offer free shipping, but Chegg requires you to spend at least $ 85, while only requires a minimum purchase of $ 25. Chegg also gives you seven days to access the eBook version while you wait for the book to be shipped. This is ideal for those last minute book orders that you need the next day.

If an eBook is rented for 180 days your speed is faster then both sites are offering it, and both are offering it for the same price of $ 60.49.

Sell ​​books

Both sites are happy to buy back your books when you're done with them. We'll stick with the same book to compare the prices of the two locations. To be honest, there's really no comparison here, Chegg clearly pays out better - Chegg pays out $ 82.95 while only offers $ 37. Of course, different books vary, and if you have a copy that you don't want to sell yourself on eBay or Amazon, Chegg would be the way to go.

It's also worth noting that both sites only buy books that are in good condition. So if you're trying to get a book out of the way that is written all over the pages and tearing into pages, it is probably better if you sell it yourself because once you mail it to or Chegg it probably will declined.

Other properties

Except when it comes to buying and selling books, Chegg seems to really shine. It provides an incredible tool to help you get homework help. The Best Free Algebra Homework Help Websites Read More From A Load Of Textbooks That Make Every Student's Life Easier. Now this help is more like answers to questions in the book. So it can easily be used as a tool to cheat your way through tasks. Of course, however, this creates problems when a test is run.

The service isn't free and costs $ 14.95 for a monthly subscription, but it's a great feature that just can't compete with.


Ultimately, there is a reason these two websites are among the leaders in textbook buying and renting. This is because both sites have robust features and affordable book prices. Picking a winner is difficult because you'd better check both websites before buying a book from either site. After all, shopping in the local area is always a great choice, and these two locations are definitely among the first to visit.

Did you buy books from either website? How was your experience Click in the comments below and let us know!

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