Why can't Superman physically hit Darkseid

Batman v Superman - New images herald an even bigger villain

The upcoming exchange of blows between Batman and Superman should also pave the way for the Justice League. Now a new image points to a villain who overshadows Doomsday and could be hard to deal with the Justice League.

Before DC's Justice League can take shape, Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck) will soon be pounding each other's throats. Much has been speculated in advance about the threat the superhero collective might face in the subsequent Justice League films. Now Empire has released a few new images and covers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (via ComicBook.com). On one of them there is a very clear and SPOILERcontaining reference to another villain. That could turn out to be an even bigger threat than Doomsday. We're talking about Darkseid.

One of the new pictures shows Batman in a desert landscape. On a wide plain in front of him is a huge Omega letter - a symbol of Darkseid. In the background a city in ruins. In the comics, the villain is one of the most powerful adversaries of the DC heroes. The ruler of the planet Apokolips not only wants to extinguish the free will of all living beings, but also wants to redesign the universe according to his own ideas. To this end, he seeks the anti-life formula that gives him control over the spirit of intelligent living beings. In doing so, he often clashed with the Justice League and especially with Superman.

Is that what Darkseid's army looks like?

Director Zack Snyder had recently indicated that Doomsday would by no means mean the end of the flagpole among the DC villains. Darkseid seems to fit well into the picture. In one of the previous trailers there was a scene that shows Batman surrounded by several flying creatures in a similar wasteland as in the picture. They could be Parademons, winged henchmen of Darkseid. It is not yet possible to say whether the images shown are an ominous vision or gloomy facts. In Batman v Superman, the two superheroes should already be busy with Doomsday. And after so many hints, here are a few finished covers of Empire Magazine for the Clash of Heroes.

Would you like to see Darkseid in one of the next Justice League films?