How long are cat years

Conversion table: This is how old your cat is in human years

Over the years, not only do we humans get older, our cats also age. But our house tigers have a completely different rhythm - and are teenagers after just a few months. Your animal world tells you how old your cat is in human years.

Cats age faster than humans

So far there are no studies that can scientifically prove the aging process of cats in human years. On the whole, however, animal lovers agree: Our house tigers age particularly quickly in the first few months and years.

Cats become sexually mature fairly quickly and grow rapidly after birth. After eight months, the cat's age corresponds to a human age of 13 years, a one year old cat would be 15 years old in human years, i.e. in the middle of puberty.

Cat age is not proportional

Once the cat is fully grown, its aging process also slows down. Many velvet paws have already reached their full size after a year, but the rapid aging slows down only after the second year of life. From then on, each cat year is roughly four human years.

In this cat age table you can see how old your darling is roughly in human years:


Cat ageHuman age
1 month6 months
2 months1.5 years
3 months4 years
6 monthsten years
8 months13 years
1 year15 years
2 years24 years
3 years28 years
4 years32 years
5 years36 years
6 years42 years
7 years46 years
8 years50 years
9 years52 years
ten years56 years
12 years64 years
14 years72 years
16 years80 years
18 years88 years
20 years96 years


Cat behavior not always attributed to age

However, the behavior of the cat is not always due to its age. Similar to us humans, adults can still behave childishly and vice versa.

How old a cat gets also depends on its husbandry, diet and other factors. Only recently the oldest living tomcat in the world died at the age of 31 (human) years.