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Low minimum deposit in sports betting - the best betting providers in comparison

All providers have a minimum deposit for sports betting, which is usually 10 euros. For absolute beginners it can be important that the sports betting minimum deposit is only 1 euro. In this article you can learn more about minimum deposit requirements in the Sports betting comparison and where these are set particularly low.

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Why are minimum deposits common in sports betting and what should be considered?

Before we take a closer look at minimum deposits, let's explain why the bookies set minimum deposits in the first place:

The betting providers also have bank fees, Credit card billing fees or the service costs of the e-wallets. As a rule, these fees are not passed on to customers, or not fully passed on.

If the deposits are too low, these costs can be included, for example Betting providers with PayPal to make sure that all the administrative work associated with every payment transfer is no longer profitable is.

As customers, you would mutiny if you had to pay a fee on low deposits, so the minimum amount for deposits is increased a bit for economic reasons.

In addition, there is always the consideration of how much sales you generate at the end of the day:
  • A bookmaker doesn't really care who wins how much when, because this risk is statistically compensated for by the odds. A bookmaker deserves that as many bets as possible are made as high as possible. Regardless of other costs, it is simply not in the interests of it if you deposit 50 cents and stay afloat for months. The generally accepted limit, with which both sides are satisfied, seems to be 10 euros.
What do you get with minimum amounts?

Aside from the top providers are Minimum deposit of 20 euros not uncommon and some windy providers go even higher.

As a player, you naturally want the greatest possible freedom and be able to deposit anything between a cent and a million euros. Sports betting fans who like to bet with very high stakes, should choose the payment options according to the transfer limits. These are limited by the sports betting providers as part of responsible gaming, but also by the Payment service providers himself for security reasons.

Usually, however Transfers between 5,000 and 10,000 euros effortlessly possible. Only prepaid variants are lower in this area due to money laundering regulations. Bank transfers can sometimes be made into the six-digit range.

Low deposit betting providers:

  1. Betwinner - Minimum deposit amount of € 1
  2. bet365 - Numerous payment channels from just € 5
  3. Sunmaker- Deposits are possible from 1 euro
  4. bet-at-home - paysafecard deposits from € 1
  5. Intertops - No limits for SEPA transfers

What does the normal sports betting minimum deposit look like?

Paying for online sports betting has gotten a lot easier in recent years. While in the "pioneering days" 15 or 20 years ago the credit card was the measure of all things and otherwise direct bank transfers (before SEPA often abroad and thus associated with high fees and long waiting times) or even checks dominated the industry, nowadays you stand all possible e-wallets, cryptocurrencies or even prepaid cards are available.

Accordingly, the online bookmakers were also able to loosen their limits and present more pleasant limits to the general public. If you roam the landscape like we do today, then appear 10 euro minimum deposit for sports betting the absolute standard on all common payment channels to be.

Cash in a "ten" quickly and bet on the Bundesliga on Saturday - that seems to be feasible and sensible for everyone. But when you go into more detail, you often see lower limits, such as the sports betting 5 euro deposit, as it has found its way into the industry leader bet365. You can bring 5 euros to your betting account via almost all popular channels, with Sports betting with credit cards even up to 40,000 euros, and thus practically unlimited, can be used.

The payouts are similarly loose, which is why we are not talking about bet365 in the highest tones here for nothing. It goes even deeper with the sports betting minimum deposit of 1 euro, for example at BETWINNER or sunmaker. This can of course be useful for you if the money is not that easy or you just want to test something quickly. But here you can ask yourself how economical that can be for the operator? You are also welcome to read our guide, the Minimum deposit at Bet365 and Tipico lit up a little more closely.

Are there sports betting providers with minimum payouts?

Most providers estimate a standard minimum deposit of 10 euros for the common payment methods. If you then want to withdraw the money after winning a few bets, you will encounter minimum limits again. Every bookie handles this a little differently, basically However, high minimum payouts are to be viewed as very critical.

There are certainly providers who allow you to make deposits of, for example, 20 euros, but then set a minimum payout of 50 euros. Even 100 euros can be found with a few providers as a minimum payment - that leaves a bland aftertaste. Minimum payout limits of 10 or 20 euros are common.

On the other hand, it is completely legitimate that online bookmakers provide different minimum payouts for different payment methods. That has to do with the financial and organizational effort that the bookmaker has with this payout. And if a bookie only has to pay out small amounts, but pays fees to the payment service provider, his business model no longer works. Some providers also compensate for this by charging fees if the withdrawal request is below the minimum amount.

eWallets are usually provided with smaller payout limits, while relatively complex methods, such as the Payment by check, which is actually offered by some bookies, have significantly higher minimum amounts.

These are the typical payment channels for online bookmakers:
  • Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are the absolute classics, Diners Club or American Express rarely appear in the popular bookies. There are often high limits here.
  • E-wallets: PayPal still seems to be the most popular, but for some time it has only been represented by selected and therefore highly reputable online bookmakers. Skrill and NETELLER can be found again and again. Here you pay money into a virtual wallet and can use it flexibly.
  • Cryptocurrencies: That is still Bitcoin not a real alternative for the big bookies, but the turnaround could come with government acceptance.
  • Prepaid cards: The paysafecard is available in many supermarkets or petrol stations. You can pay in cash and then top up your betting account with the code. Some bookmakers also sell vouchers.
  • Instant transfers: Not just the Sofortüberweisung product from Klarna, but also giropay offer you instant payments from your bank account. You register directly via online banking and use your usual TAN system.
  • Bank transfers: You can almost always pay in money directly from your bank account in the classic way and, above all, have it paid out there. But since a lot of effort is made here, it takes a comparatively long time and the minimum amounts are sometimes noticeably higher.

What about the minimum and maximum stakes in betting?

Once you've made a deposit, of course, the question arises as to how much of it you can actually place in a bet. On this subject we already have interesting articles especially for high stakes or in the event that No limit in sports betting prevails, so stop by for more information.

The minimum stake with most bookmakers fluctuates around 50 cents or one euro per bet. This means that you can place bets with a very manageable risk. Some very good bookmakers fall below the threshold, others set a higher stake for their customers.

Basically, the workload for every bet is the same, regardless of whether it was made for a cent or for 100 euros. The betting provider must on the one hand evaluate the tips and on the other hand set new odds. At the same time, customers don't want to wait for their winnings to be paid out and want to be looked after around the clock. Since the back office area causes high costs, it is not surprising that the online sports betting agencies set minimum stakes per tip. Especially for System bets but it can quickly become too expensive.

When it comes to the Maximum bet hardly any bookmaker gives concrete information. Due to the system, there is simply an enormous spread here.

First of all, of course, it depends on your creditworthiness. As a fresh customer you start from scratch, but over time, especially as a VIP customer, you can bet more money on an event than others.

The maximum amount is then the same for everyone, depending on the betting market. Sports betting is created in a highly professional manner using computer calculations, which can, however, result in different variances. To the German Football Bundesliga there is simply much more reliable data than on field hockey in Uganda.

At the same time, thanks to a high completion rate, popular events ensure that uncertainties disappear and that enough people have selected the “wrong” quota.

So don't be surprised if you can use four-digit amounts and sometimes only 50 euros. In many cases there is a button that conveniently shows you the maximum bet. At Betsson and of course bet365 you can tend to play higher than anywhere else.


Use maximum stake cleverly: Deposit for the welcome bonus!

It is understandable if you see the minimum deposit as the first hurdle at the beginning and only hesitantly jump over it. After all, you usually have to deposit at least 10 euros. But especially for the first deposit, most bookmakers have come up with a huge bait that should lure you out of the reserve. The classic welcome bonus means that you get the same amount as bonus money for payments up to 100 euros.

It would be wasted if you only deposit 10 euros and only receive 10 euros as bonus money. The sums vary, the associated conditions all the more, but you should almost always put a little more on the table at the beginning. We clarify for you in our "New sports betting bonus“Reviews always on how good a bonus is, so you can always see for yourself how much you actually want to risk.

Because in most cases the bonus money and also the deposit have to be paid for a few times Bets used before the bonus can be withdrawn as real money. If you fail to do this, maybe because of the time or because you have lost everything, then the bonus is lost. So estimate yourself, dare to go beyond the 10 euros, but don't necessarily go for the full 100 euros either.