Can owls fly backwards

Characteristics of birds

Birds are a special class of vertebrates. They come from the Dinosaurs and have characteristics like feathers and wing developed what they can fly with. Today around 11,000 bird species are known, and they can look very different.

What do you already know about birds?

Identification of the birds

Birds are the only vertebrates - besides bats and flying foxes - that have conquered the air. To do this, their forelegs are too Wings remodeled. Birds stand out feathers out. They need them to fly and to protect their bodies from the cold and heat. The Body temperature of birds is usually higher than that of other vertebrates (39-42 ° Celsius). Birds don't have teeth, they have one beak from horny substance. The shape of a bird's beak gives an indication of its food. Birds lay to reproduce Eggs with a hard, chalky shell.

The systematics of birds

The birds living today are a very diverse class of vertebrates. The largest birds are ratites (African ostrich), the smallest birds can even fly backwards (hummingbirds). Some birds can swim and dive (penguins) or hunt by diving into water from the air (cormorants). Some are perfectly camouflaged (ptarmigan), others have magnificent cover feathers (peacock). Songbirds are known for their typical songs. We keep cultivated forms of some bird species that provide eggs, meat and down.

Here you can take a closer look at the systematic classification using selected examples.

We'll be selected examples of our Farm birds and the native wild birds treat more precisely. We get to know the bird groups of chicken birds, water birds, songbirds, wading birds, birds of prey and owls better! How familiar are you already with these groups of birds?

Which two species of birds belong to the order of the fowl?