Why are INTJs curious about other people

15 INTJ Personality Traits That Make Her The Absolute Best

If you're someone who thinks you've found someone who has special INTJ traits, then they are the absolute best here.

When it comes to the fact that people are individuals, their personality plays a big role. Sure, everyone has a unique personality and acts like no other. But each falls into 16 different personalities. At least after the Myers-Briggs personality test.

If you've never taken this test and don't know what your personality is, you will come to a short quiz - around 10 minutes - that will tell you what personality type you belong to.

What does INTJ stand for?

If you are not familiar with the basis of this test, then these letters mean nothing. That's why I'll explain it to you. INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. The combination of these traits gives you the personality type known as an architect.

The test works on a number of different psychological bases. The quiz is given in a form in which you read a statement and then judge whether you agree or disagree with that statement. All of your answers compiled for you what personality type you are, and it also gives you varying degrees of how introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging you are.

INTJ personality traits that make them the best

This personality type is quite rare. In fact, they only make up 2% of the population. The only rarer personality type is the INFJ - which is very similar to the INTJ and makes up only 1% of the population. However, it becomes even less common if you are a woman and an INTJ. They only make up .8% of everyone in the world.

So what about that particular personality type that makes it so much better than the rest? Well, I'll tell you with a list of all of the INTJ traits that make them the best. If you haven't found that type of person yet, you'd better search for it.

# 1 You are one of a kind. As mentioned earlier, INTJs only make up 1% -2% of the total population. The combination of their specific properties is so rare that it is not often found. That said, if you find someone like this, it's very unlikely you'll find another - so hold on.

# 2 You have serious imaginations. This personality type is suitable for someone with a really creative and resourceful mind. It's no wonder most of these types are artistic and think impartially.

# 3 They have the energy to use their imaginations. They are really resourceful and they have a tendency to put a lot of energy into their ideas and creations. They don't like sitting idly by throwing their thoughts in the trash. They pursue their ideas and make them reality in every possible way.

# 4 You're curious. For many, this would be one of the best INTJ personality traits. Some people say this is a bad quality because "curiosity killed the cat." While others say that curiosity leads to new inventions and creations.

The best thing about this personality type is that they never satiated their curiosity. You will come to an end to learn new things.

# 5 You strive to improve yourself. Some people are always happy with who they are, even if they never improve for a day in their life. INTJ personality types are NOT like that.

They see themselves as something that has to be constantly improved, not because they are not good enough, but because they want to be the best and want to do everything to achieve it. So if you are improving yourself, this is one of the INTJ personality traits that you will love.

# 6 They enjoy a quiet night at home. All of that being said, it seems like this guy would like to explore the world. However, the opposite is true. They prefer to work out their insights and thoughts alone. This means that if they go out every day, they will have a nice night at home.

# 7 They are funny. This personality type is generally just intelligent. They know how the world works because they took the time to find out and this makes for a very creative and funny person.

You can come back with snarky commentary and facts that will completely kick you out of your game. Don't try to outsmart an INTJ because they'll always be one step ahead of you. Whether this is one of the good INTJ traits is entirely up to you.

# 8 They know a lot about a lot of things. They love to learn. They read, they research, and their curiosity leads them to really knowledgeable individuals. They know a lot of information about the most random subjects because if they are curious they will learn about it. So if you need a trivia partner, an INTJ is the right person.

# 9 Loyal as hell. When most people talk about loyalty, they don't even begin to begin what it meant or to get an INTJ's loyalty. This is one of the strongest properties they have and one of the best.

If you win an INTJ, they will be literally 100% loyal to you until the day they die. However, gaining their allegiance will be the tricky part as they are only a few in their lives. This is one of the best things about INTJ personality traits.

# 10 They are very outgoing. Because INTJs are so curious and want to get all the knowledge, they are really open-minded. If you have an idea or thought that is different from everyone else, they will be the ones to take it all in and feed on it.

# 11 They are extremely rational. That is sometimes said to be a bad thing with this personality type, but I think that depends on who is asking. Sometimes people take a split second to think about something and just go with their guts. This is not an INTJ.

They take their time and think reasonably about each possibility before diving into anything. If you want someone to think things through and make the best decision for them, an INTJ is that person.

# 12 You notice the little things. You are one of the most observant people out there. When you get a haircut, they will know. When you start wearing a new perfume or perfume, they will know. They notice almost everything around them.

# 13 More specific than most. Their determination sets them apart from other personality types. When they want to do something, there is very little that can stop them from achieving their goals. Many people think this is one of the greatest INTJ personality traits.

# 14 The most confident. Despite their very introverted people, they are actually some of the most confident personality types. This is mainly due to their ability to acquire a lot of knowledge and the importance they attach to that knowledge.

This is for the best, because people who lack trust usually face a whole host of other problems. Ultimately, confident people stay true to who they are and expect nothing but respect.

# 15 Anything is possible with them. You are really just a wild card. You may think you know what an INTJ is up to, but they will completely shock you. Since they spend their time thinking about decisions before taking action, you may have no idea what they are up to. This makes them the opposite of boring.

INTJs are a really unique personality that has a lot for them. If you wanted to know what makes the INTJ personality traits best, this is why.