Is gravity god

Gravity instead of god

"I don't like questions about God and my faith": Stephen Hawking - the most famous living physicist and cosmologist - once refused to answer in an interview. Nevertheless, the all-explorer brings the Almighty into play again and again. One of his books, A Brief History of Time, was about an ultimate theory suggesting the existence of God.

But now, in his latest work ("The Great Design"), he puts forward the thesis that the creation of the universe did not need the hand of God: "Because there is the law of gravity, a universe can and will become itself out of the Create nothing, "it says now. "Spontaneous creation" is the reason "why there is something instead of nothing".

Hawking is not only opposing God, but also his predecessor Isaac Newton. When an apple fell on his head, he began to research gravity and came to the conclusion that such laws of nature were proof that the cosmos did not arise by itself - the attack from the apple tree as proof of God.

Hawking was with Pope Benedict two years ago, and he too was probably unable to avert his change of opinion. But ultimately his volts, God yes, God no, are due to the fact that the physics genius is characterized above all by an ingenious writing, his popular style is not aimed at experts, but at everyone. And for him the question of the Creator has a similar attraction as Hawking's warnings about aliens or his considerations about a parallel universe in which he marries Marilyn Monroe. God as a best seller, as is usually said of sex. Why not?

And if "the universe in a nutshell" was actually lying, as another book title of his suggests, it could be that someone is watching us from the outside, with divine pleasure.