What is the future of the Stratis coin

13 Key Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For In 2018

Cryptocurrencies have become a trading and investment asset, similar to a mutual fund or stock portfolio. They are also used for purchasing goods and services. They can be treated as a commodity or currency. New cryptocurrencies are coming out every day. Investing in them requires research, prediction, and the ability to withstand some risk.


13 altcoin and cryptocurrencies are set to shine in 2018


Ardor introduces the concept of child chains, which can have their own blockchain sector and still benefit from Ardor as a whole. Institutions or companies no longer have to be satisfied with the model, but can adapt their environment to their needs.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The main purpose of Basic Attention Token is to connect publishers, advertisers and users without intermediaries. The use of tokens results from the user's attention - essentially from the observation of an advertisement.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange from China. As people use this exchange and it becomes popular, Binance coin has become more popular. It is characterized by high transaction speeds and low trading fees.

Citizen (CVC)

Civic is a platform for identity verification on the blockchain. Your data is encrypted on the blockchain and you do not need any user names or passwords.


Experts believe this is the only cryptocurrency that can overtake Bitcoin's market capitalization in the near future. It is a decentralized platform on which intelligent contracts run. Developed by the Ethereum Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization.


Expanse didn't have an ICO, and the project has a unique, self-funded design to keep it decentralized and away from outside commitments. It develops through user voting and its own decentralized, autonomous organization.


Factom is working to create a reliable framework for systems and free up dead capital. It suggests making the past immutable to release software to solve bigger business problems. It is optimized to store millions of real-time records in a single hash.

FunFair (FUN)

The FunFair is “harnessing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the online casino industry”.


Is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is developing into the most powerful decentralized open source supercomputer in the world that anyone can access. Users receive GNT tokens for renting unused computing power.

InvestFeed (IFT)

InvestFeed describes itself as the epicenter of the cryptocurrency community. It provides real-time access to coin data and information on the latest crypto projects.


IOTA offers zero-fee transactions. It has a fixed supply of money with zero inflationary costs. It is designed to be useful in a world where a scalable, decentralized computer system is needed.


Lisk has similarities with the Ethereum network. It has its own blockchain but is not intended for smart contracts. A partnership has been entered into with Microsoft Azure. Each application runs on its own sidechain to ensure that Lisk itself remains secure and scalable.


This is billed as the truly anonymous and private Bitcoin. Nobody can see your past transactions. It is an open source cryptocurrency that did not keep a coin for itself when it was released.


Ripple works with XRP and settles global payments quickly (in 4 seconds according to the website), as opposed to 3-5 days for traditional systems.


Sia challenges the cloud storage market. Uploaded files are encrypted and broken down into tiny pieces and distributed across many computers. Users are paid to rent storage space on their computers. Smart contracts are the contracts that arise when there is a connection between an uploader and a host.


Stratis is not a coin, but a blockchain development platform. Much like Ethereum, it allows smart contracts, but in this case they exist on their own side chain, not the primary blockchain. It is programmed in C #, a widely used programming language. It has the support of Microsoft and its own specialized wallet.


Steem is a blockchain-based reward platform for publishers to monetize content and grow the community. It's an open, decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards social media postings on Steemit.com.


TenX connects its blockchain assets to the real payment platforms via apps and a bank card.


Zcash works like Monero. It enables anonymity between two parties who exchange information. This blockchain records that a transaction has taken place, but not the identity of the parties or the amount.

what you need to know

It is important that you do not keep your coins in the wallet after purchasing them. Transfer everything to a wallet to keep it safe. The best version of a wallet is one that has no internet connection, and preferably one that is secure and in a safe place. Before you buy, research your options.

Remember that the market is tied to the stock market and can be volatile at times. The risk comes with a degree of discomfort. It is not always wise to follow the madness of the crowd.