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Rice pudding spice

Rice pudding goes at any time of day!

Are you one of those people who only eat this delicious dish in the morning or only as a dessert? Or do you also have rice pudding on any other occasion? We think you can never get enough of it!

Most of them simply sprinkle the warm or cold spring rice with a little cinnamon and sugar - that's how you know it and that's how it tastes. But you can make so much more out of rice pudding. And we'll tell you how to do it: With our special spice mixture consisting of cane sugar, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, plus plum powder, orange and lemon peel for that certain fruity note. The milk dish can not only be enjoyed in different temperature states, but can also be seasoned in many different ways.

Rice pudding according to the classic basic recipe is easy to make at home: You don't need more than one serving of rice pudding grains (short grain rice), milk (about one liter for 250 grams of rice), a little sugar and salt. Then you can conjure up as you wish: Slice in fruit, add or stir in the spice mix, grate in chocolate, and, and, and. You are also free to choose your milk: in addition to cow's milk, you can also cook vegan rice pudding, for example. A plant-based alternative made from soy, almonds, etc., or delicious coconut milk, for example, is used for this.

Do it yourself is not difficult

The preparation of rice pudding is not difficult with the few ingredients that are required according to the basic recipe. However, what could sometimes cause problems when making it yourself is the risk of burning. The milk contained in the pot can cause unsightly burns at the bottom of the rice mixture. Cooking over low heat and stirring regularly is therefore the best solution.

Similar to scrambled eggs, there are also rice pudding recipes for the microwave: The ingredients stay the same, only that you heat the milky rice dish in the microwave for about 30 minutes instead of on the stove. In a microwave suitable storage, the rice is first boiled at a high wattage and then cooked through for a long time with less power. Again, don't forget to stir constantly so that nothing burns. Once cooked, the rice is really nicely thickened and represents a creamy porridge that you can enjoy either warm directly after cooking or cold from the refrigerator. Both variants have something for themselves, of course!

Sweet recipes to fall in love with

As a rule, rice pudding is prepared sugary instead of hearty and screams for it to be refined with sugar-sweet spices. With the Ankerkraut Würz-Mix it will definitely be an exciting and delicate affair. But if that's not enough for you and you're looking for a more unusual recipe, we might have something for you. For example, you can make small balls out of rice pudding!

For this purpose, the rice-milk-porridge, which is usually boiled and thickened, is left to cool and then rolled into small, firm balls. You can now roll these in desiccated coconut, chocolate chips or other ingredients, for example, and coat them with them. The balls can be wonderfully consumed as a snack from the refrigerator in between, but also serve as a lovely dessert on a scoop of ice cream or fruit compote. Of course, this recipe can also be made vegan again and the rice for the balls can be cooked with almond, oat or coconut milk, for example.

But where does this easy and quick to prepare all-rounder dish come from? There is no complete agreement on the origin of rice pudding, but according to some theories, it could come from Italy. Initially, the porridge is said to have served as a filling, affordable main meal. Others say that it was an eighteenth-century prince who invented the food at his noble court together with his family. Unannounced, spontaneous visitors were served this quick dish, which was still tasty with some fruit and spices.