Which Jennifer Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck feel the spring

They separated in 2004 and went their own private ways, now Bennifer seem to have found each other again. The musician and the actor counteract the corona blues.

#By Fabian Tschamper


Even if Lopez and Affleck can't quite get close to the former dream couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, it's always nice to see that certain feelings don't completely disappear.

They broke off their engagement over 15 years ago but stayed in touch, according to friends. Now, in times of a pandemic, the two stars seem to be spending more time together again. The old Bennifer was often in the headlines, for example because they argued in public. But grass has grown over it, the two were photographed together in the state of Montana.

Affleck was even featured in J.Lo's music video for “Jenny From The Block”, which - in retrospect - was probably not such a clever idea. Then you will always be reminded of what used to be. Is probably something like when the name of the partner is tattooed.

But it seems to end well: Ben Affleck has his alcoholism under control and Jennifer Lopez should also have more time now that she is no longer in the top 10 of the charts - and has broken off her latest engagement to baseball player Alex Rodriguez . Let it be granted to them - so Ben and Jen.

Of course, Twitter is completely off its socks. As is so often the case, some users find the right words for this news. For example, the reunification of Lopez and Affleck is by no means a reason to write to the ex.

i don’t know who needs to hear this, but ben affleck and jennifer lopez hanging out together, is not an excuse to text your ex

- [email protected] (@bb_apes) May 10, 2021

If Ben and Jen manage to be together again after 17 years, then you can make it through the start of the week - the darn Monday.

Because changes are known to be good, this user suggests that we leave «Bennifer» behind us. Maybe we can agree to call the couple «Jenjamin» now?

if bennifer is back can we call them jenjamin this time

- princess dr. girlfriend (@urchaoticgf) May 10, 2021