Does your job make you happy

Printer, desktop, dopamine: does your job make you happy?

A badly running project, too much overtime and a lack of success. The Monday mood suddenly extends over the whole week, your face has fewer laugh lines than a botox junkie. You are like half of all employees - because, according to the German Federal Ministry of Labor, they are not happy at their job.[1] Why is the initial euphoria at work sometimes left with only a smiley on an old post-it? And what can you do differently in 2018? We'll tell you!

Money can not buy happiness? Not quite true.

At least that's what a team of researchers at the London School of Economics found out.[2,3] A survey of more than 20,000 people from all over Europe has shown that those who earn more are happier on average! And according to this survey, there is no upper limit for this. However, everything here is also a question of perspective, because US researchers assume that more money does not make you happier, it simply makes you less sad.

The clearest boost to happiness is the work-life balance, closely followed by a good working atmosphere and varied work. Because if you have time for family and friends in addition to your job and get on with your colleagues, you are not only more satisfied with your job. The positive mood affects all of life. In addition, according to the British researchers, the more varied the work, the greater the happiness.[2,3]

All good things come in six.

The global recruitment agency Robert Half makes a similar statement. In his study, he interviewed 23,000 workers from eight countries and identified six factors that cause dopamine in the workplace. In addition to the positive working atmosphere, he sees the meaning of a job as crucial. Whoever does something important, creates a visible change, is happier![4]

Therefore hardly surprising: fairness, respect, development opportunities and appreciation increase the feeling of happiness, the latter in particular ensures a long-lasting grin. Another factor - and yes, it sounds mundane but is worth mentioning - is that you fit the company and the job advertisement. Anyone who glosses over a job for themselves or claims to have wrong qualifications can wait a long time for the rain of luck. By the way: When employees are proud of their company, they are up to three times happier.[4]

You are to blame for your happiness!

The starting point for our misery can also be our attitude to work: after all, we learned as small children that work is exhausting, not fun and that it - thanks to procrastination - must be prevented at all costs. Psychologist and business coach Manuel Tusch also believes that we are solely responsible for our happiness. No matter what job we have, when we are unhappy, we take this attitude with us to the next job.[5]

In his opinion, unrealistic expectations are the cause: We want appreciation, fun and money for it. However, if we change roles and are on the side of the employee ourselves, praise and recognition to cashiers or waiters, for example, are not exactly lavish - we just want it to work smoothly.[5] So what can we do to be happier in 2018? In a survey by FOCUS Online, the solution sounds very simple: think less![6] Because if you worry, you torment yourself twice - and you are not quite as happy.

But even if everyone can control their own mood, with some working conditions every happiness bear would turn into a mourning toilet. Is that the same with you? Then rate your company now and see what the mood is like at your dream employer!