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Donations in kind

It is already November and the year has passed in a flash. With the winter months, the cool but also contemplative time of the year is ahead of us. We at the Third World Children's Fund (KHW) can already look back on interesting and equally successful months. We still have exciting projects planned for 2017, which we would like to briefly introduce in this newsletter.

Our project work

In Mali there are hardly any medical contact points for many parts of the population - especially in very rural regions. In an emergency, this can make the difference between life and death, as sometimes very long distances have to be covered, for example to reach an emergency service or a maternity or hospital ward. In order to change this in the long term, the KHW has already opened 15 health centers in Mali / West Africa since 1982, whose task, among other things, is to ensure reliable mother-child care, to educate about the dangers of female genital circumcision and the sexual - and to promote AIDS education and prevention.

In order to guarantee a smooth process and the best possible care in the health centers, trained staff and donations in kind are required to equip the contact points. Even if the KHW places a special focus on the largest possible local value chain, we are dependent on the support of donations in kind for medical equipment. Often, many of the required materials can only be organized with difficulty or only very cost-effectively, so that the focus when collecting donations is on ease of use on site. We therefore bring at least one container with medical equipment from Hamburg to Mali every year. Every year our employee Habi takes care of a fair distribution directly in Mali.

The container for this year is already well filled thanks to numerous donations in kind from our supporters and partners. However, we still need financial support for the transport of the container, which is to be dispatched in the third week of November in order to be able to equip the health centers with the aid material as quickly as possible. We ask for your support here.


Another topic that the KHW team is currently working on intensively is the upcoming Christmas party. The time is all about family and contemplation. However, happiness, health and safety are not given everywhere in the world, so that in many countries at this time too, the main focus is on securing basic needs. Not easy in areas where unrest, hunger and a lack of infrastructure make everyday life difficult or, in the worst case, impossible. We want to use the Christmas season to draw attention again to the sometimes precarious situations in the KHW project countries and to further advance our approach of helping people to help themselves. To this end, we have created opportunities for private individuals and companies to give children and young people in the poorest countries in the world a Christmas present with a donation to the Third World Children's Fund. Donate Now!

In addition, we have prepared an Advent campaign for everyone who is interested, which will guide you through the pre-Christmas season with us and have one or two surprises, lots of exciting information and emotional pictures in store. We look forward to seeing you on our Facebook channel!


For 2018 we plan to build two new health centers and two schools in Mali. Here, too, we look forward to any form of support.

Many thanks to all of our helpers!

We wish you nice autumn days!