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Translation of "really great" in Turkish

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It was really great, but why do you spend so much money on a meal?
Bayıldım, ama neden bu kadar parayı bu cafcaflı yemeğe harcadın?
I guess I ... find her really great!
Ben - Sanırım ben ... gerçekten de onlara bayıldım.
That was really great, Dougie.
Seriously, really great, the idea.
It is at night really great There.
Geceyi geçirmek için ne kadar hoş bir yer olduğunu söyleyeyim ama.
Chairman of the video club what really great is.
Video Kulübü başkanısın, bu harika.
Fantastic, Neville, that was really great.
I think it worked really great.
İyiydi. Sanırım her şey çok iyi gitti.
So far you have us too really great helped ...
Really, really great.
If she is at my house at 6:30 p.m., that would be really great.
I'm not an expert or anything, but it is really great.
The next time you find one with no criminal record, that would be it really great.
Gelecek sefer suç işlememiş bir üye bulabilirsen çok iyi olurdu.
I just mean that it was really great. Yeah sure ...
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