10 books that should be read

Books that I've always wanted to read

Year after year, new publications that are well worth reading appear on the current bestseller lists. A real dilemma! Because with the many novelties there is hardly any time for the at least equally captivating classics. How many literary pearls are there just waiting to be finally - or once again - picked up. Do you feel the same way? Are you also growing your list of books that you have always wanted to read?

The constant selection of books: longsellers, classics or standard works?

Perhaps there are major works of world literature on your reading list. Or particularly interesting titles have been recommended to you in a bookstore. Would you like to study the works of Nobel Prize winners for literature or book tips from prominent literary experts? There are constant leaderboards for almost every preference: "The best books of all time", "The most beautiful books", "The best-selling books" and many more. The criteria for the book selection vary culturally and individually, which is why no selection has any claim to general validity. Nevertheless, there are a surprising number of works that can be found on most of the top lists. Literature experts around the world as well as readers themselves agree that these books are meaningful - and it is very likely that some of these works are also among those that you personally would like to read.