Are you a crazy boy

Translation of "are you crazy" in French

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do it fou


If you believe the conspiracy theories are you crazy.
Do it fou si tu crois à ces théories de complot.
Stop robbers are you crazy?
So if you think that I won't spend my last moments with my daughter are you crazy.
Daoming Si, are you crazy?
What shoud that, are you crazy become?
- So then are you crazy!
If you think I admit I was wrong are you crazy.
Si tu crois que je vais dire que j'avais tort, do it fou.
If you think you will get credit are you crazy.
Si tu crois que tu vas être récompensé, do it fou !
If you just think for a second that I would do this again are you crazy.
Si tu crois une seconde que ça va être le cas, do it fou.
Are you crazy become my son?
Are you crazy become to represent Frank Gallo?
Are you crazyto help him?
Are you crazy - You're crazy
Boy, are you crazy or what?
Goldberg, are you crazy?
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