What are marble nails

Marble nails - this is how we paint the trend!

If its about new nail designs goes, then you currently come to the Marble look by no means over. Marble nails have even become a real social media hype.

The peculiarity of the Marble nails? It gets here with two nail polish colors played to create a contrasting effect on the nails that is very similar to the stone.

The extravagant looks very classic Nail designin white and gray almost like the marble table in our living room.

But there are no limits to your imagination in terms of color either! In spring we love that Nail design marble also in peach (as a base) and white. Creates a really good mood!

Fun factor marble nails

For the Nail design marble you don't necessarily have to go to a nail salon. Marble nails do it yourself offers one great fun factor.

And since we find that new nail designs always have a lot of art, we use it to encourage our creativity. And the finished nail art often looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Do you dare! We'll show you how to make your Make marble nails yourself can and also reveal our favorite products to you!

You need that for your nail art in marble

To get to that Nail design in marble we need:

  • Base coat
  • a light nail polish (white, light gray, but also pink or light orange)
  • a darker nail polish (shades of gray work great here)
  • Top coat
  • a fine brush

The Brush with a fine tip can be found, for example, in the craft store. With such a brush you can best draw the fine "marble lines".

Our insider tip: If you don't even dare to brush - many companies now also offer stick-on nail foils in marble look at.

For everyone else it means: hold on to the brush, set, go!

Make marble nails yourself - that's how it works!

Step 1: The nails with one Base coat paint. We also love all-rounders like that Art Deco "All In One Nail Lacquer" that can be used as a base and top coat.

Then follow two coats of opaque light nail polish. White and gray are great Marble effects. You can also simply reverse the look and paint the base dark and draw the lines in a lighter shade.

Givenchy For example, there is “Le Vernis” in “Noir Interdit”. Black marble nails are doubly dramatic.

Step 2: Now draw with the fine brush, which you carefully dip into the paint (do not take up too much paint!) fine lines irregular on the dried base.

The lines are supposed to different thickness