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Dressed Notoriety: The Naked Mile About Gay Underwear

Her hobby is excitement

There is now a real market for underwear for gay men. Sex sells, but it has to be, asks fudder columnist Dita Whip in her new column.

"What kind of weird gay fuck clothes are these?": What sounds like a regular slogan about different types of clothing has meanwhile become a market of its own - not even too small. There is a wide selection of underwear, functional and costume lingerie labels that are primarily aimed at gay men. For connoisseurs this is nothing new. Many of my heterosexual friends have made the leap into the rabbit hole of gay underwear with their mouths open. I myself only noticed more and more of the gay laundry this year when a - probably - heterosexual father strolled through the lido in an "AussieBum". (Can someone give a hint to their wife, please?)

When I was browsing Instagram that same night at two-thirty, the resourceful algorithm hit me with an advertisement for "Sexy Gay Halloween Costumes" aka. Underwear displayed. Just like with a cat video - driven out of journalistic curiosity of course - I couldn't avoid following the link in the advertisement. (Dont judge!)

I would consider myself anything but conservative, reserved and chaste, my Instagram account is proof enough! The Halloween collection by Andrew Christian, however, presented me with the challenge of classifying what I saw: clothes or a porno ingredient that encouraged sexual intercourse?

Strings with harness straps, jocks made entirely of net and "costumes" - consisting of thong and feather collar: So that's "the" idea of ​​gay underwear ... where even the simple models have the FUKR logo in the waistband. Very purpose oriented. All clothes are suggestively worn on this, and also on the websites of other providers, by gay porn stars, go-go boys and everything else that causes the flood of likes on Instagram half-naked. Obviously: sex sells. But the question arises: is that all?

It is not a new discovery that underwear is often designed and presented suggestively as sexy underwear. Victoria's Secret and other brands have made billions in this way. To see the mentioned clothing models simply as the homosexual version of Victoria's Secret would be too simple, too comfortable and too jaded. The imagery and the stark focus on sex make it clear that this is an even heightened form of marketing sexuality and a physically unattainable form. True to the classic (toxic) male pattern of "Faster, stronger, further and higher!", The ironed-on porn image variant of sexuality is cut into a thong shape and taken to extremes so absurdly that I can't help myself ask: Does nobody notice that the already distorted gay body image is further attacked and the cliché of the sex addicted gay is promoted even further?

Body normalization and social stigma

I am of course not the Popess. The open handling of physicality and sexuality is (to me) incredibly important and promotes a sexually responsible society. Suggestive clothing and underwear are an indispensable part of such a development. However, when the apparently only focus of "gay sexy underwear" on porn fantasy bodies and the lifestyle of a slapstick West Hollywood gay (WeHo Gay) produced by advertising means, only one thing is blown in the end: the march of body normalization and social stigmatization. So it is no surprise that, statistically speaking, gay men are increasingly victims of dysmorphophobia (the disruption of the perception of their own body) and eating disorders if the interpretation of gay sex appeal only brings out products that reinforce these tendencies.

"In that case I feel like Alice in bonfire country." Dita Whip

The seam of my understanding will be torn even further when the presentation of sexuality comes across as cheap and sensational. If you look at the advertising of the brands, even the underwear is in the background. There is a break between the product and the advertising promise that the purchase of the product should fulfill. In comparison, Victioria's Secret advertising seems subtle. However, there is simply no room for subtlety in such extremely tight-fitting jockstraps made of mesh ... with cut-outs ... over the penis. Because: The thong is padded with padding at the front so that the "best" piece is emphasized and accentuated not only by the cut, but also by the inlay. Quasi the push-up bra for gays who need to stand out differently here.

Pants down: In the end, even the pattern of the designs screams "Fuck!". And, even if I'm otherwise a fan of the striking communication structure, the marketing, the platitude and the simple, stigmatizing focus on sex are just too much for me personally. In that case, I feel like Alice in the stand country. Right and left an oversupply ... only I've long since lost my appetite.

Dita Whip - the Freiburg drag queen, burlesque showgirl and one "woman" sensation basically has an opinion on everything. But above all on topics that affect the queer community. And the black widow likes to stay true to the motto "the main thing is unfriendly". Dita Whip has been writing a monthly column for fudder since January 2019, which is supposed to deal with topics that concern the LGBTQI scene. Since Dita says of herself that excitement is her hobby, that is also the keyword of the column.