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With us you will not only find the right archery products for you, but also all relevant information about archery.

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Would you like to buy a sports or hunting bow? Or are you looking for a new string for the compound bow? With over 500 bows and the associated accessories, we have an extraordinarily wide range of products ready for you. You can buy long bows, compound bows and recurve bows from us at prices from 50 to over 1,000 euros. We also offer a good selection of crossbows and crossbow accessories


Not only beginners will find what they are looking for with us. We also have the right high-tech compound bow for everyone who has opted for this modern variant of the bow. If you prefer something more original, you will definitely find the right longbow and arrows with natural feathers in our range. And so that after all the preparation there is something to shoot at, we offer you numerous supports, targets and also 3D targets in the shape of bears, wild boars, alligators and other animals.

You will also find the right arrows with us. Whether made of carbon or wood. Of course, we also carry all the individual parts to build the right arrows yourself: All kinds of tips, shafts, nocks and fletching such as natural feathers or flets.

We also have a wide range of bow accessories such as bags, quivers and strings.

If you want to buy a compound bow, Archery Direct is the place to be. We put together the compound bow equipment according to customer requirements and then optimally adapt the compound bow to the shooter.

Beginners in archery receive comprehensive advice and receive equipment that is individually tailored to the archer. Whether the bow costs over € 1000 or € 100, it is always important to choose the right bow and arrow.


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Archery Direct carries archery articles from almost all manufacturers, we make sure that archery accessories have a good price / performance ratio.
Archery Direct carries these top brands in archery, as well as many others, of course

  • Hoyt Archery, USA - Recurve bows, compound bows in the higher price range. Archery Direct is Hoyt flagship dealer
  • Mathews Archery - Compound bow for 3D, hunting or tournament shooters
  • PSE Archery - Compound bow for beginners and advanced archers
  • UUKHA - Recurve bow from France, carbon recurve middle parts and carbon limb
  • Oneida Eagle - the special lever action compound bows
  • Winners - recurve bows and accessories with a good price / performance ratio
  • Easton Archery - World market leader for arrows made of aluminum or carbon
  • Gold Tip - Carbon arrows and accessories for compound bows and recurve bows
  • Victory Archery - arrows for tournaments and hunters
  • Black Eagle Archery - shafts and arrows for all archers
  • Aurel Archery - inexpensive arrows for beginners and advanced
  • Legend Archery - accessories for all archers
  • Beiter - archery accessories from Germany

In our arrow workshop, we manufacture arrows according to customer requirements and also repair them.
With our compound bow tendons, an older compound bow also shoots better than before


We regularly buy from these European wholesalers:

JvD Archery - wholesaler in the Netherlands
Bignami - archery wholesaler in Italy
SSA - archery wholesaler in Belgium