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Perseverance: That's why it's more important than talent

There is a saying in English whose statement unfortunately often receives far too little attention: Slow and steady wins the race! Life, especially at work, is always viewed and treated as a sprint, even though it is more of a marathon. endurance is a decisive success factor. Those who persevere, do not let themselves be beaten down and persevere will not only reach their goals faster, but also have a higher probability. But perseverance is becoming more and more of a rarity. Everything should go quickly, everyone wants to see results immediately. In a fast-moving society, there simply seems to be no time for perseverance. Anything that doesn't work right away is dropped and the focus shifts to the next topic. Fatal! Perseverance leads to success - and is even more important than talent ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Perseverance beats talent

Companies are constantly looking for the most talented employees. Top talents are best hired straight away by the university, the most talented trainees are then offered a permanent contract and selection processes traditionally revolve around skills, qualifications, talent and success.

On the one hand, that's understandable. HR managers are looking for the best staff for vacancies and want to find an employee who is up to all tasks. The greater the talent, the greater the chance that a new one Employee lives up to expectations and finds its way in the company. At least that's the assumption.

Talent is of course important, but persistence often plays a much bigger role. This is illustrated again by the example of a race. Both companies and employees are interested in long-term cooperation and sustainable success. Talent and aptitude give you a head start in this scenario. Talented employees not only get off the starting blocks faster, they do start the race literally a kilometer or two ahead of others Participants.

Without the necessary endurance, however, this initial lead will not bring much in the long term. Those who continue to struggle with themselves and the circumstances as the challenge increases, stand still, slow down or even want to give up, will sooner or later Overtaken by the persevering runners.

An image that can be transferred to the professional world in exactly the same way. Talented people can definitely fall by the wayside. Perseverance, on the other hand, ensures that Overcoming obstacles and setbacks until the goal is achieved.

It could therefore be an advantage for companies not only to pay attention to talent, but also to them Recognize candidate persistence as an important factorif they want to benefit in the long term and are interested in more than short-term benefit.

The benefits of perseverance in professional life

Perseverance as a quality is often underestimated. Only what seems to be impressive is what goes quickly. Companies that have grown in record time, employees that move from trainee to boss within a few years, startups that explode and are sold for hundreds of millions of dollars in the first few years. Endurance, on the other hand, seems boring and much less like a triumph, even if the performance may be just as great in the end.

It is well known that being underestimated can also be very useful and so you can benefit even more from the Benefits of your stamina benefit:

  • You won't let yourself get down

    Perseverance means not giving up at the first difficulty and giving up in frustration. Instead, you fight your way through, overcome obstacles, and pick up where others stop. This not only strengthens your self-confidence, but hopefully does not go unnoticed, so that others trust you more and more and give you more responsibility.

  • They increase the likelihood of your success

    Many well-known success stories are rapid climbers who have made it in a short time. Although these are known, they are still the absolute exception. If, on the other hand, you persevere and work on your long-term success instead of hoping that it will happen all of a sudden, you have a much better chance of actually achieving something.

  • You can do without

    Perseverance and patience are closely related. Persistent decision-making and action also means being able to wait for success and possibly turning down a timely benefit, to forego it in order to get something much bigger in the long term.

  • They solve problems

    Those who have perseverance will not run into fewer problems. But on the contrary. The difference is that you solve them instead of giving up or looking for ways around them. A great advantage, since problem-solving skills are more and more in demand and are well received by companies.

How to increase your stamina in professional life

In terms of sport, everyone knows how endurance can be increased. Regular and long-term training, instead of just the pace, with the necessary discipline to stick to your own training plan and soon the first improvements will show up, they will last longer, come not out of breath so easily and can improve bit by bit.

But general stamina, as it is necessary in the job, can be increased and trained. These Tips can help you:

  • Set long-term goals

    You can only achieve more stamina if you use it and challenge it. True, you also need some short-term goals A sense of achievement but you will primarily train your endurance with long-term goals to work towards.

    Which these are depends entirely on you. For example, career advancement in the form of a salary increase or promotion is conceivable, but further training, the step into self-employment or private goals are possible in order to increase your stamina. Everything, that you have to work hard for and that doesn't come overnight, promotes your stamina.

  • Don't constantly compare yourself to others

    It's deeply human to yourself always in competition with others to see and to compare one's own situation with others. However, these constant comparisons get in the way of your stamina and can also damage your motivation.

    Just looking at what others already have makes you lose sight of your own long-term goals, you give up instead of continuing and try to achieve something yourself immediately because others already have them. Rather concentrate on yourself and on what you want to achieve for yourself.

  • Force yourself to be more persistent

    Perseverance seldom comes on its own and so sometimes you need to force to be persistent and patient. You can do this in everyday life. Don't buy things right now, wait for a good deal. Invest your money (as long as possible so that you don't have direct access to it) instead of spending it right away.

    Little things like that can increase stamina because you get used to waiting for something and not getting it right away. The more you control your own behavior and keep confronting tasks that require perseverance, the more It will become easier for you in time.

  • Fail

    It sounds strange, but it is a very serious tip. Failure can do your perseverance good - of course only if you don't let it get you down, but again get up, carry on and bite through. Setbacks and obstacles are the best training for true endurance.

    This does not mean that you have to voluntarily cause failure or intentionally make mistakes in order for something to go wrong. But you need not to be afraid of it or to avoid any risk. Failure has a bad reputation, but it actually brings many opportunities and development opportunities with it.

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