What are the properties of wave energy

BlogWave power - the energy source of the future?

With this technology, the movement of buoyancy bodies by swell relative to a fixed point ensures that electricity is generated. she is the one perhaps the most promising technologybecause the largest number of scientists in the field of wave energies is currently researching them. your The advantage is that they take up little spacewhich is a strong point given the limited free coastal area. Optionally, linear generators, hydraulic cylinders and the like are used.

Again, Scotland is showing the greatest interest here. Before Orkney Islands A new form of point absorber is currently being installed, which should differ qualitatively from all previous models and prototypes. Specifically, it is simply a buoy that moves up and down. The energy from the movements is to be converted into a rotary movement via a toothed rail and a type of gearbox made up of eight gears, which then drives a generator. The system is said to have proven itself in tests and generated five times more energy per ton than other point absorbers. How does this work? In the waters off the Orkney Islands, the system has to deal with very strong waves - the machine can handle it through dampers and, according to the manufacturers, even use the strongest waves for energy generation. In addition, the eight-part cascade gearbox is able to deliver the energy particularly evenly to the generator - regardless of the strength of the waves. Overall, the C3 wave energy converter is one of the most promising projects in wave force research.