How do I deal with chronic pain

What chronic pain patients can do themselves

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INSELhealth - Psychosomatic
This app is aimed primarily at patients or relatives with chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety-panic disorders, body awareness disorders, tension, listlessness or the like. It should serve to give an overview of one's own activities and pain behavior.

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Here you will find courses and events, advice and therapy options, as well as other helpful information for patients with chronic pain

Psychoeducation Chronic Pain

Especially in the case of chronic illnesses, training (psychoeducation) is an important part of pain treatment and psychotherapy. On the website of Dr. med. M. v. Wachter from the Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapeutic Medicine at the Ostalb Clinic in Aalen explains the complex relationships between mental, physical and social factors in chronic pain.

About the pain ... up close and personal with life

Michelle Zimmermann
1st edition, June 2018, Lokwort Verlag Bern

From her experience Michelle developed an abundance of pain management strategies, which she summarizes here in an understandable way and with many examples. People with acute or chronic pain as well as their relatives and caregivers are inspired to redesign how they deal with physical pain.

G. Lorimer Moseley, David Butler
3rd edition, April 21, 2016, Springer Verlag

This book explains in a vivid way how pain arises, why it can persist or keep reappearing and how it is best dealt with in everyday life. The authors of this book explain complex neuroscientific facts and show clearly how this knowledge can be integrated into therapeutic practice.

Jutta Richter
April 3, 2013, Springer Verlag

Pain does not always necessarily correspond to the damage in the tissue, but rather the traces in the pain memory - pain is learned. The good news is: the brain can relearn! Techniques of psychological pain management, such as mindfulness exercises, attention diversion, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, etc.

Get a grip on the pain

The strategy of actively managing chronic pain

Michael Nicholas, Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin
September 10, 2014, Huber Verlag

Too often, chronic pain cannot be relieved by medication. But there is help through a combination of different approaches, which are described in this book, which is based on the globally successful Australian ADAPT program. This allows you to keep the impact of the pain on your everyday life as low as possible.

Red card for the pain

How children and parents break out of the vicious circle of chronic pain

Michael Dobe, Boris Zernikow
May 1, 2016, Carl-Auer Verlag

Michael Dobe and Boris Zernikow wrote this book for children with chronic pain and their parents. They explain in an understandable way how children, adolescents and parents can actively counter the pain.

Employment law advice

Information on incapacity for work from Pro Infirmis

What wage entitlements and wage replacement entitlements do you have in the event of health-related incapacity for work? Pro Infirmis gives advice on what to consider when reducing performance and how best to proceed in individual cases.
Inability to work during an employment relationship