Is there another type of math

42nd Mathematics Olympiad

Alexandra Göllner (6C class) won an excellent 3rd prize in the state competition for Upper Austria and SBG of the Mathematics Olympiad. Congratulations!!!

The following text is from the award winner:

42nd Mathematics Olympiad
Most, when they think of math, think of it
- stubborn memorization of formulas,
- boring memorization of calculation rules,
- dry fabric,
- and some of them also on the calculations of examples, all of which always run according to the “F” scheme.
However, there is another type of math as well. A mathematics that we and in the course of a preparatory course from September to the beginning of June tried to approximate. This kind of math has very different goals and aspects.
When you think of this type of math, you think of
- proving formulas,
- questioning calculation rules,
- the development of your own solutions,
- and discovering a different way of thinking where you never know what to do next
to do.
After the aforementioned preparatory course, we were able to compete in a course competition. A decision was made as to which of the course participants would have the honor of going to the Salzburg state competition. This means that you will be released from school for 3 days. So the five of us drove on Wednesday, June 15. at 13:00 from Salzburg main station to drive to Franking, this year's venue for the competition between Upper Austria and Salzburg. The competition took place on Thursday morning. We could use the rest of the time freely. On Friday we went home again after an award ceremony. It was a great experience for everyone, even if not everyone could win. As always, the motto is: "Being there is everything!"
Alexandra Göllner, 6th grade
From: Alexandra Göllner, 6C