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With our crossword puzzle help to success

The crossword puzzle help on wort-suchen.de supports you in finding the right solution. Our help is very simple: Enter your crossword puzzle question in the upper field (question). As you enter, you will receive an initial selection that may already put you on the right track. Either way, our helper lists all the answers that we could find in our database as soon as you click the "search" button.

If you want to be a little more specific, you can also specify the number of letters in the answer you are looking for. As soon as you click on the corresponding number, a new field opens in which you can enter letters you have already guessed. The possible answers are filtered in advance and you get even better at the best crossword puzzle solutions.

Of course, our help is free, mobile-optimized and suitable for all types of crossword puzzles.

Crossword puzzles - definition and game types

Sweden puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudokus - is it all the same? Of course not. Sudokus for example, there are also grid puzzles, but the boxes are not searched for a crossword, but for a number. Fittingly, the Japanese puzzle game can also be translated as “isolate numbers”.

When people talk about a crossword puzzle in Germany, the popular "Sweden puzzle" meant. In a Swedish puzzle, the question is not outside the playing field like in an American crossword puzzle, but is in a blind box that shows the direction of the word you are looking for with an arrow.

Typical for Swedish puzzles are the short questions with acronyms (abbreviations) that arise due to the small size of the boxes. For example, if the abbreviation "frz." Is after a word, the French equivalent of the term is sought.

Abbreviations themselves are often asked for with the addition of “abk.”, Especially if the word you are looking for only comprises three or two boxes or even consists of just one box.

The content of the puzzles is varied. Regardless of whether you are looking for a nickname, great women in history or an app from the Microsoft Store. The number of questions ´m the length of the words and the range of topics is almost unlimited.

Where can I play crossword puzzles online?

If you want to find a crossword puzzle that you can play online for free, your search on the net is over now. In addition to our huge crossword puzzle database, there is also our weekly puzzle of the week: This is not only tricky and exciting, but also offers the opportunity to win € 1,000 in cash! Not a bad deal for playing an entire Sweden puzzle for free, right? 🙂

To increase your chances of winning, we also recommend subscribing to our Facebook page. For each raffle puzzle, a video notice appears exclusively on our Facebook presence (“The crossword guru informs”), which provides you with three valuable information about the current competition. The crossword guru gave away the hints “immunize”, “vaccinate” and “protect” for one of our puzzles - with this knowledge one could easily have come up with the correct answer word “vaccinate”, right? So a subscription is worth twice!

Since our website and of course the (weekly) puzzles are mobile-optimized, you can not only play every free crossword puzzle on your home PC or laptop, but also enjoy it on all mobile devices, tablets, cell phones and the Surface. So you can access the solutions for free and in all situations.

The tricky puzzle games are also extremely popular offline. If you also want to know how to create (a template for) a playable crossword puzzle, you should take a look at our DIY article on the topic of "Doing your own crossword puzzles". In this tutorial we will also show you the best way to come up with puzzles that you can also print out.

If you want to print out a Sweden puzzle that you did not put together yourself in painstaking detail, then you can of course select any crossword puzzle you want on wort-suchen.de and print it out. To do this, simply look for a puzzle in our “Play crossword puzzles online” category that seems interesting to you and that you have not yet solved and click Next the crossword grid on the right mouse button. In the context menu that now appears, the option "Print" appears, whereupon you get to the print preview window, in which you can order the print.

As for many commands in Windows operation, there is of course a keyboard command for printing, with which you can save yourself clicking through the menus. The shortcut is Ctrl + P, where P stands for “Print”.

The variety of crossword themes

If you have already played one or the other crossword puzzle, you are probably familiar with the fact that this popular puzzle is available on all sorts of topics. On wort-suchen.de you will find, among other things, a crossword puzzle on the subject of "sedimentary rocks", which is particularly interesting for those who are not entirely averse to geology. For well-read Christians we have a Bible crossword puzzle in the riddle cabinet and for all other playmates between heaven and earth there are dozens of crossword puzzles in our portfolio, which want to tease out your general knowledge.

Fittingly, our columnist Dominik has written articles on most crossword puzzle topics, which take the variety of topics apart and put them back together in a unique, humorous and yet instructive way.

A popular field filler in crossword puzzles is, for example, the question of a dog breed. Dominik has dedicated himself to this animal pleasure with animal pleasure under the article “Breeding dog order”.

The question of certain constellations is also very popular in crossword puzzles. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are usually in close proximity to the weekly horoscopes in a printed Sunday newspaper? Anyway - Dominik has dedicated an article to the co (s) mixed constellations.

Another example of well applicable “common metal knowledge” can be found in Dominik's column about metals in all their colors and shapes.

You can find all articles on the variety of crossword puzzle topics in our overview of the crossword puzzle column.

Our word tools

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