What did you eat last time

Translation of "the last time eaten" in English

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I think it's been a while since we did eaten the last time to have.
Well than you do it eaten the last time you were still human.
When did you eaten the last time?
When do you have that eaten the last time?
When did she eaten the last time, drank?
And when did you eaten the last time, Caroline, respectively fed you?
When did you eaten the last time?
They loaded her up with pieces of meat and she reminded Thor that too much time had passed since she eaten the last time had.
They heaped it with hunks of chopped meat, and it reminded Thor that rather too long had gone by since they had last eaten.
The participating researchers at the Universities of Würzburg and Luxembourg found that some overweight women reported feeling cravings during the test, regardless of when they were eaten the last time had.
The researchers at the University of Luxembourg and the University of Würzburg (Germany) found that several women with weight problems said the test had provoked food craving, regardless of how recently they had eaten.
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