Every teenager should have a suit

Sneaker to suit: you should keep these tips in mind

For the effect that the suit and sneaker repel each other perfectly, there is actually only one variant: white or brightly colored sneakers for a deep dark suit. Anyone who dares this combination must be aware that they are attracting attention.

The sneakers can confidently be made of plastic, environmentally friendly models made from marine litter, for example, are offered by Adidas, while the shirt is made of Sea Island cotton. Do you know the saying: "Give the monkey sugar?" - you can use it here.

Whether this works optically depends less on the clothes and more on the personality of the person wearing it. 90 percent of the time, it looks artificial, silly, cheap, or just plain embarrassing. In the remaining ten percent, it's irresistible. Do you dare to do 10 percent?

Sneaker to suit - addendum

Anyone who wears sneakers with a suit in the office should be aware of one thing: Even in the cosmopolitan sports company of 2017, there will always be colleagues who see sneakers with a suit as an unforgivable breach of a fashion taboo. For them, it's more than just a fashionable faux pas. It is the penetration of a foreign worldview into business.

And another tip: Fashion whisperer Stephanie Grupe reveals what it looks like with a women's trouser suit with a business look or when jeans in which sizes go with the sneaker: "Sneakers: 8 tips and 30 outfits on how to wear the trendy shoe".

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