What is your unique selling proposition

And what is your unique selling point?

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Why does your company exist? And what makes it unique? Almost four million companies are registered in Germany. Most of them are very small businesses. These often do not feed more than their founder. A shark tank. And you have to be careful every day not to go under. Time to swim freely.

Unique selling proposition or USP - what exactly is it?

Colloquially, both terms describe an outstanding characteristic. This makes a product or service unique.

USP is the English abbreviation for Unique selling proposition. Translated means USP "Unique sales promise" and forms the sum of all unique selling points.

If you want it a bit more exclusive, the terms come up from time to time veritable customer benefit or comparative competitive advantage. Basically, that doesn't mean anything else, but it sounds even more important.

Find answers to the WHY

"We are unique" - Unfortunately, this statement is not enough to emphasize an outstanding characteristic as a company. In many cases, such claims even harm, since that Why only with these three words cannot be clearly communicated.

But when can you speak of a unique selling point?

It must:

  • really exist,
  • visible,
  • noticeable and
  • be measurable.

Accordingly, the unique selling point precisely defines the criterion that a customer should use Preference for a product or a service against a similar or identical offer from a competitor.

USP: Develop a unique selling proposition for your company

Do you know your unique selling proposition? When developing your product or service, you have certainly given some thought to its looks, properties and benefits. You did this on the basis of your own personal ideas.

But have you already asked yourself what makes your offer outstanding for potential users?

Without this one decisive advantage over your competitors, you are only one of many who want to sell an average offer.

However, you need to give your customers an incentive to choose your offer so that they don't look to the competition. To do that, there has to be something that sets your offering apart.

Create something special, a benefit that your customers will only get from you. Show the customer reasons why they should choose your company.

You can do this by giving your offer a special characteristic and thus convincing it. Whether you use a special material here or your product is given a new shape that is not yet available on the market - it doesn't matter. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. And be sure there are no limits.

Know what your customers really want

It is important that this Property unique is and is explicitly on Benefit your customers oriented.

But even if you do not develop your own products, but act as a dealer in the market, you have to create a USP for your company. Simply offer a special service in addition to the product, which is not offered for comparable products.

How about, for example, availability around the clock, a longer warranty period or free maintenance at a fixed interval. All of these are additional services that make your offer more valuable.

And that in turn is an additional purchase argument that you should use. This is how you avoid the “greed is cool” mentality. Because nothing is worse than having to sell based on price. Set yourself and your offer apart from the crowd. Because there are plenty of similar products on the market.

So always ask yourself the question:

"How can I add a unique value to my offering so that I don't have to compete on price?"

Only the truth of the customer counts!

One comes across again and again, especially with technical products Unique selling pointswhich in truth are not at all. In the abundance of innovative developments, enthusiastic manufacturers often inflate their products with all kinds of technical gibberish.

The problem - the average consumer doesn't understand it. As well as? So always put on the customer's glasses and just change your perspective. The focus is not on your company, but always on the customer who wants to see his problem solved.

That inevitably leads to the following question:

"To whom does my product or service offer the greatest benefit?"

Customers today have the choice between many different products and services, all of which are similar Basic utility exhibit.

You have to help the customer to decide in favor of your product or your service by at least providing them with a clear difference from others. So formulate your very own Additional benefit.

Unique Selling Points: Examples of USP

The following examples of successful retail companies are intended to illustrate how one can clearly differentiate oneself from the competition by means of an additional value proposition. Because this is extremely important in the sea of ​​exchangeable offers.

  1. VALUE PACK - an online shop for packaging offers only payment by invoice at. This is a clear additional benefit, especially in the B2B environment. The invoice is only paid after the items have been received. The customer thus experiences comprehensive buyer protection. The highlight here - through faster payment, the buyer also benefits from the discount, which would not be possible with an advance payment.
  2. The number of bicycles has almost reached the population of Germans. In addition, new bicycles are sold for around 2 million euros each year. That means a lot of used bikes are on the market. Here offers the bicycle market place BIKESALE as a service the Free valuation for the used bike. In this way, the seller has a fixed reference point and can therefore sell better.
  3. Cell phones have become constant companions over the past few years. But what to do if the communication center fails to expect again? Buy new or repair? JUSTCOM promises to make all parts intact again and quickly, safely and fairly. For customers, this means a repair usually within 24 hours, insured shipping, an additional 24 months guarantee and another Fixed price guarantee for mobile phone repairs.

You can hardly position yourself much better.

Start now to find your unique selling proposition or your USP!

Thanks for reading through!


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