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Netflix: These twelve alternatives to the streaming service cost nothing!

Because of the corona virus, it is better to stay at home at the moment.Many pass the time with film and series streaming. But what if you can't afford a subscription to Netflix and the like? We'll introduce you to the twelve best free alternatives and reveal what there is to see.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are popular streaming providers. But both cost money. Bargain hunters will find what they are looking for elsewhere on the Internet. We looked at twelve Netflix alternatives that have good productions and are free or even ad-free.


Screenshot Dokustreams.de: The platform works as a search engine. (Source: Dokustreams.de)

Dokustreams is not a streaming provider in the strict sense of the word, but rather a collection of documentaries that can be found on YouTube. These come from ZDF, ARD, Arte, but also from Spiegel TV or Welt. The advantage over YouTube lies in the presentation. The films can be filtered in detail by topic, for example users can view all films about volcanic eruptions. 360 degree and VR videos can also be found faster on the platform than on YouTube.


Screenshot Popcorntimes.de: Films from the early days of cinema. (Source: Popcorntimes.de)

At Popcorntimes you can find silent films and classics from the early days of cinema. The range is still limited at the moment, but fans of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and John Wayne will find some works by these Hollywood greats here.


Screenshot Netzkino.de: Mainly B-movies can be found here. (Source: Netzkino.de)

On Netzkino.de you will mainly find less well-known Hollywood films and arthouse films. Westerns and classics such as the original film "Dawn of the Dead" from the 1970s can also be viewed here for free. Netzkino.de is financed by advertising, but with NetzkinoPlus it also has a payment option with which even more films are available. Anyone looking for films from special genres could find them here. Because the operators offer the possibility to filter for Asian films or films with queer topics.


A human and a robot hand can be seen: "The Age of A.I." deals with questions about artificial intelligence. (Source: YouTube)

YouTube has long ceased to be just a platform for funny cat videos. Various channels produce their own mini-series and YouTube itself also provides its own productions on the YouTube Originals channel. In the area of ​​film, the CiNENET Deutschland channel is worth mentioning. There, users can, for example, watch the Sherlock Holmes films from the 1950s.


Screenshot Rakuten.tv: The video-on-demand platform also offers free films. (Source: Screenshot Rakuten TV)

Rakuten TV is a video-on-demand platform. This means that users do not pay a basic fee, but - just like in the past in a video store - pay for the individual film or series. In addition, Rakuten TV also offers a selection of free films that are financed through advertising. There is a special offer for fans of FC Barcelona. Rakuten is a sponsor of the Spanish soccer club and has produced a documentary series with insights into the lives of soccer players.


Screenshot Filmfriend.de: Curated arthouse cinema. (Source: Filmfriend.de)

Filmfriend.de advertises with curated and high-quality German and international arthouse films and documentaries. The platform is administered by libraries in Germany and Switzerland, which is why users must have a valid library card to register. However, not all libraries in Germany are part of the platform. Users can read the entire list on Filmfriend.de.


The app of the streaming platform Joyn is displayed on the screen of an iPhone: The complete Greys Anatomy season is only available as a paid version. (Source: Fabian Sommer / dpa)

Joyn is an advertising-financed platform from ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. There, users can watch series and films that can be seen on ProSieben, Kabel Eins, Sixx, DMAX or Sat 1. For example "NCIS" and "Hawaii Five-0". In-house productions and documentaries are also part of the program. However, not all seasons and episodes of a series are available in the free version. They are only available in the Joyn + payment option. There are also some Hollywood films to choose from. More about Joyn here.


Screenshot TVNow: Users can watch TV series like "Unter Uns" here. (Source: TVNow)

TVNow is part of the RTL media group. Accordingly, there is content there that can be seen on RTL or NTV. Since there is also a paid version, many of the free offers are rather less well-known Hollywood films. In the premium version there are quite a few bigger films like "Citizenfour", which deals with the life of whistleblower Edward Snowden. It is also similar with the series. The search is cumbersome and not all seasons and episodes of series are available.

ARD media library

Screenshot ardmediathek.de: Reports, documentaries and television films are available in the media library. (Source: ardmediathek.de)

The range of films in the ARD media library consists mainly of German series and television films that can also be seen on linear TV. Among them, however, are well-known in-house productions such as "Babylon Berlin" and the "Tatortreiniger". There is also a large program of documentaries and reports on topics such as nature or history. Some of these come from the British broadcaster BBC. However, navigating through the media library is cumbersome. For example, not all contributions from the program can be found under the Series tab.


Screenshot ZDF.de: The media library has in-house productions such as "Bad Banks" on offer. (Source: ZDF.de)

In the film sector, ZDF also mainly offers German TV films such as "Das Traumschiff". But the series offer is larger than with ARD. Numerous in-house productions such as "Bad Banks" can be found there, but also productions from Scandinavia and England such as "Line of Duty" by the BBC. There are also numerous documentations and reports in the media library. Both ARD and ZDF have films and series for children in their programs.


Screenshot Arte.tv: In addition to films, concerts are also on offer. (Source: Arte.tv)

Arte is a German-French cultural broadcaster. This is also reflected in the range of films. In addition to art house cinema, the station also offers silent films in its media library. In addition, Arte has an extensive selection of documentaries on the subjects of nature, history, society, science and art in its program. In addition, the station broadcasts complete concerts, not only from the classical world, but also from the fields of pop and even death metal.


Screenshot Funk.net: The offer is aimed at people between 14 and 29 years of age. (Source: Funk.net)

Funk's target group is young people under 30 years of age. Therefore, in addition to smaller series, the platform mainly contains programs for YouTube and social media formats. However, this also includes reports.

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