Difference between request and request

What is the difference between an inquiry and an offer?

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What is a Legal Offer?

No, because one offer is not legally effective. A lot can be offered without imposing legal obligations. Only when 2 parties agree on this does a contract arise, which is then (usually) legally effective. No dealer is obliged to sell anything to anyone.

What is a binding offer?

Buyer's hires binding offer which can be accepted by written acceptance or order confirmation or by sending the goods, unless acceptance can still be expected under regular circumstances even after a longer period.

What is an indefinite request?

indefinite request Offer overview (catalog, brochures, inspection copies, samples, price lists, etc.) - Date by when you need this information - Possibly an appointment for inspection, call, visit of a consultant, a fitter for preliminary clarifications, etc.

What is meant by a promotion?

The request to submit an offer is a term used in German civil law and describes a non-legal transaction to initiate a contract. It is to be distinguished from an application to conclude a contract.

What belongs in a request?

General inquiry and what it should contain:
  • Address.
  • Date.
  • (in the subject line) inquiry.
  • Salutation.
  • Information on how you became aware of this provider.
  • Request for catalog / prospectus / information material, price lists, price scale, terms of sale and delivery.
  • Reference to long-term cooperation.
  • Thank you in advance.

Is an offer legally binding?

A offer is generally bindingThen, an estimate is only available bindingif this is shown. It therefore makes sense to have a note on the cost estimate whether it is binding or non-binding.

What do we understand by exemption clauses?

Exemption clauses are special provision in an offer, a contract or in general terms and conditions. A Exemption clause serves to limit or cancel the binding of an offer, the liability or the fulfillment by the provider.

How long is an oral offer valid?

Because even oral offers are considered binding on both sides if no exemption clauses are specified. Oral offers are also not retroactive according to 147 para. 1 BGB valid and can only be accepted immediately.

Why do you make an offer?

It is essential for every company to receive orders, because these are the basis for generating the company's profit. In order to man gets such orders, it is necessary that man quality deals that can convince the customer to place an order.

How is an offer accepted?

The offer You can accept in writing with a business letter on paper, an e-mail or a WhatsApp message. An SMS, a PDF file or a fax are also possible. Your name has to be included.

What is a general inquiry?

With a general request the prospective buyer would like to get an overview of the delivery program of a supplier. He therefore asks for catalogs, price lists, brochures or a visit from a representative to be sent.

In what form can an inquiry be directed to the supplier?

A inquiry should be to several Delivery directed and is not legally binding. For Requests there is no legally prescribed form requirement, i.e. they can be given orally, in writing, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail, etc. This index card was created by Blacktiger.

When is an offer no longer binding?

A offer is always by default binding. Only if it is expressly made clear that this offer is non-binding, it is not binding. Without this release clause, you are at that offer bound and can Not differ from the price.