Is Ola available in Chittorgarh

18 Apps You Need To Download To Travel To India


Every popular app in your country might not be as useful when you are in another nation. For example, in China, Weibo is far bigger than Twitter. There is no Uber in Pakistan.

It is best to download local apps when traveling to another country. Here is what you need when you go to India.


Taxi: Uber / Ola Cabins / Meru Cabins

Uber is now available in India but not in all cities. That said, it works well on the major subways and if you already have it installed you can use it just like you would in your home country.

However, Uber isn't the only major taxi service in India. Ola Cabs, a competitor, also has private taxis, government cabs, and government-run auto rickshaws welcomed in certain cities. If you are dependent on public transport in India, it is worth installing the Ola Cabs app as well.

Another radio cab service you can rely on is Meru Cabs, which, unlike Uber and Ola Cabs, operates its own fleet of vehicles with trained professionals. In addition, it also operates between two cities.

Download: Uber for Android | Uber for iPhone

Download: Ola Cabs for Android | Ola Cabs for iPhone

Download: Meru Cabs for Android | Meru Cabs for iPhone

Buses: RedBus

For intercity travel, buses are often a convenient option, especially in remote areas where a private taxi is too expensive, not easily accessible, or potentially unsafe. Redbus is the country's leading bus booking service and serves most tourist destinations. The app is very easy to use and several bus operators now support e-tickets that are displayed on your smartphone.

Download: Redbus for Android | Redbus for iPhone

Trains: IRCTC Connect

Indian cities are best connected by trains, and traveling by train in the country is actually an integral part of a travel experience here. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited or IRCTC has a fantastic app that makes it easy to book tickets, check timetables and even warn on your journey.

Download: IRCTC Connect for Android | IRCTC Connect for iPhone

Flights: Make my trip

You can use virtually any app to find the best fares on India flights, but this app is better at keeping track of localized discounts. Make My Trip is India's premium airline ticket portal, it works perfectly on mobiles, and you can even use it to check-in at most airports.

While Make My Trip also offers train and bus tickets, we recommend sticking with the aforementioned apps. There are plenty of alternatives out there too, like ClearTrip, and they all work pretty well. Always remember our rules for finding cheap airline tickets 5 Rules for Finding Cheap Air Tickets 5 Rules for Finding Cheap Air Tickets Who says you can't fly cheap? Sometimes it comes down to whether you're clicking the right links, searching for the right terms, or picking the right times to search the internet. Continue reading .

Download: Make My Trip for Android | Make My Trip for iPhone


Hotels: Book now

In India too, is one of the best apps you can use to book a room. The big reason? You will not charge your credit card until the day before you make your booking. So if your plans change, you are safe!

Download: Now for Android | Book now for iPhone

Budget hotels: Oyo Room

Oyo Rooms' selling point is a standardized experience wherever you go. All rooms have air conditioning, TV, clean linen, free breakfast, free WiFi, and hygienic washrooms with free toiletries.

Download: Oyo Rooms for Android | Oyo Rooms for iPhone

Staying at home: Airbnb

Airbnb is a wonderful way to get the feeling of a new place by staying in the house of someone who isn't using it. It's a popular choice for international travelers and a fantastic way to save on your next trip. A Traveler's Tales: How To Save Money On Your Next Trip With AirBnB A Traveller's Tales: How To Save Money On Your Next Trip With AirBnB We're always eager to save on the go. Hotels are expensive. Ridiculous. But are there alternatives? Until recently, the answer to that question was a loud no when AirBnB came along. Continue reading .

Download: Airbnb for Android | Airbnb for iPhone


Couchsurfing is nothing new in the major metropolises of India, and you will find it at the main travel destination one Variety of hosts. We have some tips on how to use Couchsurfing 3 Ways To Use The Travel Network Couchsurfing 3 Ways To Use The Travel Network CouchSurfing CouchSurfing is an online network that connects travelers and locals. Originally based on the idea that travelers need a place to sleep and that many people have a spare lounger, CouchSurfing is nowhere near just ... Read More When it comes to couch surfing, you also need to consider safety concerns. So watch the video above for safety instructions for the app.

Download: Couchsurfing for Android | Couchsurfing for iPhone

Information, food and events

Local directory: Justdial

Any local business or service you need, whether it's a doctor, pharmacy, office, or anything else, is likely listed on Justdial - a local directory of companies operating in all of India's major cities.

Download: Justdial for Android | Justdial for iPhone

Food: Zomato

Yelp and Zagat are not going to help you here - and well, Yelp can't be trusted anyway. Yelp Cannot Be Trusted: Try One Of These Alternatives Now Yelp Cannot Be Trusted: Try One Of These Alternatives Now, Yelp has lost a bit of ground when it comes to Trust goes. Yelp reviews have little redeeming value at this point and users should look for an alternative service when searching for local businesses. Continue reading . Once in India, install Zomato, the largest restaurant directory and referral service in the country. Zomato has a well categorized system for finding whatever you're in the mood, and the customer reviews for each joint will help you narrow down what you should have there.

Download: Zomato for Android | Zomato for iPhone

News: Times of India / NDTV

When you live in a new country, you want to know the news that is going on around you. The Times of India is the largest newspaper and NDTV is the largest news channel. Install an app to keep up with what's happening in India.

Download: Times of India for Android | Times of India for iPhone

Download: NDTV for Android | NDTV for iPhone

Events: Book my show

Do you need tickets for a show, an event, a cricket game, a city tour or just a movie? Book My Show has it all. Here, too, you can display your My Show ticket on your mobile phone for several events. This will save you the hassle of finding a place to print your ticket.

Download: My Show for Android | Book my show for iPhone



The Indian government recently launched an app to help tourists get around the country and we think this is one of the best apps for travel planning and organization. Best Travel Planning and Organizing Apps for Android Planning and Organizing Apps for Android Planning a trip this summer? These apps make it super easy to organize everything in one place. Continue reading . Tripigator is beautiful, easy to use, and full of useful information that can make your trip better. Its best part is its smart engine. Feed it your travel destinations, your interests, your budget, and it will intelligently create an itinerary for you!

Download: Tripigator for Android | Go to on the iPhone


Triposo basically makes travel guides with publicly available information like you get from Wikipedia, WikiTravel, OpenStreetMaps, and more. All of this is brought together in one app, giving you an easy way to navigate your trip. Triposo also works completely offline. This is the biggest benefit as you don't want to spend on international data charges. Overall it's a useful app to save money on your vacation Save money on your next vacation with these Android apps Save money on your next vacation with these Android apps Summer is just around the corner for you to use this Android You and your family can get apps for a cheap vacation. Continue reading .

Download: Triposo for Android | Triposo for iPhone


In partnership with India's Ministry of Tourism, AudioCompass has built a library of guided audio tours for several of the country's top tourist hotspots. It has 1,000+ points of interest, it works offline, and perhaps most importantly, it saves you the hassle of haggling with a local guide trying to understand her thick accent. Even so, most AudioCompass guides are paid.

Download: AudioCompass for Android | AudioCompass for iPhone

Tell us your tips!

I recently compiled this list after inviting some tourists to India, but I'm sure I missed some good apps along the way.

So, tell us which apps would you recommend tourists install?If you are a tourist who has been to India what else have you found useful?Let us know in the comments!