Are OMR and OCR sheets the same?

Form Recognition Service - OMR or Form Reading

Our data center also offers the "form reading" service in its range of services: The use is implemented with the help of ABBYY FormReader and a high-performance scanner with automatic sheet feeder.
The Moscow software company ABBYY delivered the current version of the FormReader in German in autumn 2005. ABBYY FormReader version 6.5 is a form processing program for automatically capturing data from forms and other printed documents and exporting them to information management systems and databases. See also:
FormReader uses the advanced recognition technologies from ABBYY and captures and reads machine writing (OCR = "optical character recognition"), handwritten letters and numbers (ICR = "intelligent character recognition"), marking characters (OMR = "optical markup recognition") and barcodes (OBR = "Optical barcode recognition"). The program is therefore suitable for processing various types of forms. This service is primarily of interest for all types of multiple-choice tests and surveys that cannot or do not want to do without the paper form.

This system has already been used for various exams at our university. For the sake of simplicity, suitable templates - here separate universal answer sheets - are used, such as those shown in the picture.
This template is analyzed with the system and divided into various transfer characteristics. These can be barcode or machine texts, handwritten single letter combinations (such as names or dates) and single or group marking blocks. Single and multiple answer options ("single" or "multiple choice") can be used side by side. Tied to this strict assignment, the system now analyzes the document stacks supplied without any major administrative effort. An ODBC client, such as a database, or an Excel table can serve as output here.

Excel evaluation

MS Excel can now easily evaluate the data obtained and provide a problem-specific evaluation of the data that was previously available in paper form.
The range of services offered by the data center extends here - as usual - to the free availability of the system including a ready-made template; instruction and training in the operation of the system. This takes place as part of the course "Services on the RIO and WWW for multipliers (60406, SS05)" or, if there is sufficient demand, by agreement with the responsible contact person in the data center:

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