What causes grass straw


Feed exchange


We sell corn, straw, grass, hay, etc.


For Corn silagefrom plate there is a year-round demand, and the new harvest is already now from field sold. To register possible spaces and for price information, please contact us at the office.


The demand for straw with us is great. We are available for you as a competent provider. Thanks to our system of risk diversification and various contracts, great prices and top quality can be guaranteed all year round.

It couldn't be easier:

The truck comes into the yard, unload, done. That was the straw harvest! Let us know if you are interested.


Straw harvest can be that easy


The following qualifications are currently available:

Uncut straw

Straw cut normally

Straw cut short

Straw cut with 50 knives (FineCut)

Straw cut with a front chopper

Straw meal


Even if they Grass silage or hay want to search or give up, we are ready to mediate.