What is custom software development

Development process for customer-specific software

Analysis, development, debugging, testing and publishing of the software

From our point of view, the analysis step is the most important part of custom software development. Once we have drawn our analysis diagrams and figured out the project steps, we can develop the project in a more manageable manner.

Database analysis is also part of this step. So we try to design the entire database structure in the initial phase.

Then we go through the development step of the project. Our team will program the project using the highest development technologies available.

We will also test the code using the latest testing tools. This means that we can unit test all different types of user input and algorithms and find possible bugs.

Publishing the software on the server or client machine (if necessary) and providing software updates is the last part. Therefore, any custom software development needs monthly support to improve or add new functions. improvement or adding new features to it.

Our application development technologies

We usually develop software with the latest technologies such as .NET MVC, MVC Core, .NET Core with SQL or oracle databases.

But we are also proud that we can accept any order from our customers in any programming language such as ASP, PHP, JAVA, C # or etc.

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