What is the traditional Mexican enchiladas recipe

Enchilada, taco, fajita - 6 Mexican recipes to take home

Mexican cuisine is known for its spicy, fiery and aromatic dishes. We have interpreted the most popular Mexican recipes in a variety of ways: crispy fajita, tasty tacos or delicious enchilada - here you get the best insight into Mexico's culinary soul.

1. Fajita with chicken breast, vegetables and cheese

A fajita traditionally consists of a tortilla flat cake filled with beef and chilli. In the meantime, however, fajitas are also very popular with chicken. This recipe shows how flexible this meal can be. In our case we are making a tortilla package, baked in a pan and decorated with a delicious vegetable and chicken filling. Due to the baking time in the oven, the end result is wonderfully crispy on the outside and still remains nice and juicy on the inside. To top it off, the tortilla package is neatly filled with cheese - melted cheddar and mozzarella flow out of the crispy tortilla when cut. A dream!

Find the recipe for the crispy fajita chicken here.

2. Taco cake with a bite

In a Gugelhupf form you can not only bake simple Gugelhupf. How about, for example, this hearty cake that hides a crispy surprise inside? If you can't get enough of chips, you should definitely try this cake!

Here is the recipe for the tasty taco cake.

3. Mexican peppers

Do you love the feeling of a mild fire in your body? Then a mix of chili powder and salsa will ensure a pleasantly tingling tingling sensation on your tongue when these stuffed peppers à la Mexico are served.

Here is the recipe for the fiery Mexican peppers.

4. Fajita casserole with peppers, chicken breast and tortillas

Imagine a wonderful combination of vegetables, chicken and tortillas, paired with a spicy dip and a crunchy layer of chips - well, is your mouth watering already? Then you have no choice but to prepare this wonderful fajita casserole.

Here is the recipe for the spicy fajita casserole.

5. Mexican meat tower with a fruity core

Mexican cuisine is like the country itself: colorful, spicy, fun-loving and eager to experiment - at least this is proven by this extraordinary meat tower, which is a culinary highlight, especially with fig and mustard sauce, onion cubes and pieces of pineapple.

Here is the recipe for the extraordinary Mexican meat tower.

6. Enchilada, filled with minced meat, rice and kidney beans

Casseroles are particularly popular when the outside temperature is low because they warm the body from the inside. In addition to the classic casserole recipes such as lasagne, pasta or potato casserole, there is another extremely delicious, albeit fiery alternative: enchiladas. For our enchilada, creamy-fiery sauce, spicy minced meat, rice and kidney beans are rolled in tortillas, poured with even more fiery-creamy sauce and topped with cheese. This special casserole belongs in every personal recipe book.

Here is the recipe for the wonderful enchilada.

Fiery, colorful and spicy - once you have found a taste for Mexican cuisine, you will forever succumb to its charm. Which sample should it be first: fajita, tacos or enchiladas? Whichever Mexican recipe you choose, eating it will feel like you are in Mexico.