What are fighting cats

The fighting cat courses are for children aged 4-6. In 2x 10 course hours, fear of contact is reduced and self-confidence is strengthened. The children also playfully learn basic elements from various martial arts.
Varied coordination exercises make every training session a little adventure.

At the beginning of each hour of the basic course, the story of the little cat "Gimmli", who would like to become a fighting cat, is read.

After the basic course, all participants receive the book from their course instructors

"Gimmli the little fighting cat"

The story of Gimmli is an important part of the basic course. It accompanies the children in the first 10 hours and helps them to better understand the teaching content.

In the advanced course, what you have learned is deepened and new martial arts-specific exercises are added. In the last lesson, after a short test, the children are given the “white-yellow” combat cat belt

Check out our film. It gives an impression of our fighting cats and for those who want to become one.

Training goals:
Combat cat course consisting of:
10 hours basic course and 10 hours advanced course
The exercise concept for children from preschool age
Our training program includes special courses for building self-confidence and
Ability to move.
• Confidence
• memory
• Response
• Discipline
• Body awareness
• fitness
• coordination
• respect