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Children learn German

In many countries, language learning begins as early as kindergarten age. The early learning of German as a foreign language is based entirely on the child's level of development, their abilities and inclinations.

In the ones available here Basics Educators, primary school teachers and anyone interested will find explanations and practical help for playful and child-friendly learning approaches. Selected products are exemplary Methods presented, such as station learning, the narrative approach or the small-step systematic introduction to the German language. The specific learning environment of the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is also possible early, as we explain in detail. Experiments invite you to try them out. In dealing with media Introducing them means, among other things, dealing with films and games.

All materials on early foreign language learning presented on this page that were produced by the headquarters of the Goethe Institute are now out of print and will not be reproduced.

Most of them are available for download here free of charge.



General methodological and didactic information on teaching German as a foreign language in kindergarten, preschool and elementary school.


The introduction to dealing with texts and autonomous learning are suitable methods in early foreign language lessons.


In a learning environment, for example through experiments, learning language and interesting subject matter at the same time - that is CLIL.


We get to know Knacks, the little raccoon, through pictures and small information and handicraft offers. For example, suitable as preparation for dealing with the raccoon films from the "Show with the Elephant".

German with sock

Extensive free series of WDR films for children aged 4–10. For the first steps in the German language. With detailed didactic suggestions from the Goethe-Institut Warsaw.

Capture scenes in film

Creative ideas and methodical suggestions for staging fairy tales in early foreign language lessons. With interviews, recordings from school productions and fairytale performances.

Soft toys when traveling

Hans Hase travels to all countries in the world - and children and teachers join in, exchange ideas and let us be part of their travels.

Scenic game

Design a whole musical - with text, music, costumes, staging instructions. Here is how to do it.

Vocabulary games

Animals and their habitats - learn German words in the context of "environment" in a playful way.

DaF and DaZ - useful information for German lessons at home and abroad