Russia has a space station

Russia is already building its own space station

Russia has been reporting on plans for its own space station for years, and now the project is about to be implemented: According to its own statements, construction of the station has already begun. Work on the first basic segment is in progress, wrote the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin, on Tuesday in his news channel on Telegram.

Start in four years

The rocket manufacturer Energija was therefore commissioned to ensure a launch in four years. The first segment should be ready by then. Russia has been pursuing such plans for a long time, and the decision was made recently, media reported. The station should probably not be permanently inhabited. "We do not rule out that there will be guests, but the station has to be national," said Rogozin.

Russia's farewell to the ISS

With its own Russian station in orbit, the end of the International Space Station could come sooner than expected, or at least Russian participation in the project. The contract between various international partners for cooperation runs until 2024. Moscow recently announced an extension until 2030. On Sunday, Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borissow indicated that Russia would exit as early as 2025.

The politician referred to the technical condition of the more than 20 year old outpost of mankind 400 kilometers above the earth. "We cannot put lives in danger," Borissov said on state television. In the past year there have been several leaks in the ISS that astronauts have patched.

No compelling end for ISS

However, Russia's withdrawal from the ISS project would not necessarily mean the complete end of the station. "That does not mean that the station will be destroyed and sunk immediately after 2025," said Rogozin of the Interfax agency. "It's just that we're transferring responsibility for our segment to our partners." Likewise, the costs could be borne by the Russian side on a "commercial basis". "We are starting negotiations with our NASA partners," added Rogozin.

Roscosmos had last announced that after 2024 a decision about the future should be made based on the state. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had called for his country to retain and strengthen its status as one of the leading nuclear and space powers. The Interfax agency reported that the new station could cost the nation of Russia up to six billion US dollars. (APA, red, April 21, 2021)