What are the strangest jobs in the world

It's hard to believe, but it's true: in the USA you can pay someone to stand in line and in Indonesia you can earn money as a passenger in rush hour traffic. Did you know? We reveal ten extraordinary professions to you.

While you are throwing yourself into a suit or costume in the morning, someone else in the world is slipping into their wetsuit in the morning. And while you take a seat in your office chair, someone is dipping into the water hazard on the golf course - looking for drowned balls. His job title: golf ball diver. What sounds crazy is actually a real job. And for us this, just like the queues in America and the passengers in Indonesia, is one of the ten most extraordinary professions in the world. You can find out more about these unusual jobs in our Top 10 Crazy Professions. Which curious professions have made our favorites? Here they all come at a glance:

1. Crime scene photographer: transfer with photo evidence

His photos are not created in the studio, but at the crime scene. His motives are not smiling people, but evidence. The crime scene photographer takes his pictures in places of potential crime. Weapons, drugs, cartridge cases, shoe marks - the forensic photographer captures everything with his camera so that the investigators can evaluate the material to clear up the case. An extraordinary and exciting job!

2. Drug detection dog service: Snooping around within your own four walls

Like the crime scene photographer, the drug sniffer dog is also sent to a crime scene. However, his client is not something the police, but a concerned parent. Anyone who suspects their offspring is using drugs can hire the private drug detection dog service and let the specialist on four paws with his fine nose line up to search the children's room. Anyone who thinks now that there is certainly no such thing in Germany is mistaken. A dog handler in Krefeld has turned this extraordinary job into his business and offers this service: It costs around 45 euros to work in a room, around 95 euros for an apartment with 120 square meters.

3. Professional Waiter: Wait yourself rich

What qualifications do you need to have for this job? Stamina! Because lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians have to wait long hours in line for public congressional sessions in Washington, they hire professional queues to do it. There is even one to arrange the popular student job "Linestanding"-Agency.

4. Passengers in Indonesia: earn money in the passenger seat

Anyone standing on the side of the road in Jakarta at rush hour is not a hitchhiker on the way to work, but a so-called one "Jockey" At work. Because the rule in the capital of Indonesia is that only cars with a three-person crew are allowed to drive in rush hour traffic, paid passengers has become a new occupation and is one of the most extraordinary professions in the world.

5. Speech trainer: once without dialect, please!

Whether Bavarian, Swabian or Saxon - there are many different dialects in Germany. Even though a dialect is often pleasant and makes a character so special, it is sometimes out of place in the job. So that the employees are retrained in High German, some bosses send them to speech training. During the lesson, the professional uses targeted exercises to ensure that words are pronounced clearly, clearly and without dialect.

6. Shout Coach: Shout at me, baby!

Not only the voice trainer does business with the voice, the shout coach also works in this business and is therefore one of the most extraordinary professions in the world for us. A heavy metal singing teacher teaches professional screaming in Aachen. Because not only to speak but also to scream has to be learned. Correct breathing and technique are important here, and these are what the shout coach teaches his students.

7. Sunscreen Butler: Can I put some lotion on you?

Are you looking for a job under the palm trees? Then maybe the extraordinary job "Sun cream butler" just right for you. If you are not afraid of physical contact, you can stroll on the beach all day here and offer your services so that the others do not get lost while sunbathing.

8. Closer: Relationship killer on the approach

Thanks to Matthias Schweighöfer's film "The final maker" we know that in the love business there is not just a date doctor, but a counterpart itself. What you see on the big screen is based on an extraordinary profession. No joke, the break-up actually does exist in real life, a break-up agency offers this service.

9. Golf ball diver: Treasure hunters in a golfer's paradise

We have already briefly described his unusual daily routine to you at the beginning. But we want to reveal more to you: For the extraordinary profession of golf ball diver you have to be really fit. Anyone looking for sunken treasures in the water hazard on the golf course is doing a challenging job. After all, not only do you have to retrieve the balls, you also have to keep a close eye on the creepers. Anyone who gets tangled gets into an uncomfortable situation. Is the dive worth it anyway? The rescued golf balls are brought back to a high gloss and can be resold at a special price.

10. Window washers in the shark tank: Dive in with fish in XXL format

While the golf ball diver struggles with creepers, the window cleaner in the aquarium is exposed to a different danger. Because the algae have to be removed in the shark tank, the owner of this extraordinary job joins them in the tank. But do not worry, the sharks do not see the diver as a threat and he does not fall into their prey scheme. Therefore, he can do his work in peace. Anyone doing this job really has an exciting and extraordinary job.

Which job is one of the most extraordinary professions for you? Which one would you like to try out yourself and exchange your office job for it? Let us know in your comment.


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