What are runners and joggers

Slim, casual, show runners : A typology of jogging

The slimmer

This really cozy guy, who demands as little from others as he does himself, has resolved to lose weight for the New Year - and has read that running is the most effective way to do it. Of course, he doesn't feel like exercising. Never had. As long as it was cold and rainy, his sofa existence could be justified, but with the first warm days he lost his excuses. In addition, summer is looming ominously. So he has no choice but to torment himself in the nearest park. People who lose weight are generally too warmly dressed, probably because sweating makes them feel like they are giving their all. In fact, he likes to go back home after just 20 minutes. Where maybe Joschka Fischer's jogging bible “My long run to myself” is on the shelf. It is not without pride that he thinks: The first steps into my new life have been taken, next time I will hold out longer, and now that I have achieved something, I can treat myself to a tasty snack.

Features: long, baggy sweatpants, hoodie with sweat stains, unhappy facial expression

The dogged one

If he wrote this text, he would first make one thing clear: that he is not a jogger, but a runner. Joggers just exercise around the area. On the other hand, being a runner - a way of life. The dogged always runs, in sleet and at 35 degrees, in the morning before work and on vacation. If not outside, then in the gym, where he also works on his muscles following a well thought-out plan. His diet is tailored to this, alcohol is only allowed in exceptional cases. For him, the year is structured according to the running events for which he trains and which are becoming increasingly extreme. Once the marathon on Kilimanjaro has been completed, the only thing left to do is switch to triathlon. He can no longer say exactly why he started this life. But he would miss a lot without asceticism, without the pain and thrill of competitions. He believes that running has made him a more resilient and effective person, in short: a better person. His family may see it differently.
Features: Tape on the chest, heart rate watch, five-finger shoes

The over-motivated

Like the slender, she started the new year with good intentions, but brings a lot more energy to implement them. Jogging seems like a great idea to her, friends and acquaintances are also running, recently even the eldest son in the mini marathon group at his elementary school. So off to “Lunge”, where the over-motivated woman can analyze her running style via video and stock up on the best the industry has to offer: breathable, tight-fitting clothing and shoes for several hundred euros. In extreme cases, flights for the whole family to New York are booked - once at the marathon over the Brooklyn Bridge, a dream. Of course, the over-motivated runs too fast, even when pushing the stroller, sprints for a quarter of an hour and trots the rest of the time with a stitch. The Rapture! Only after a few weeks there is nothing left of it, and the expensive equipment ends up in the back of the closet. If the over-motivated person persists and rushes into training without thinking, she will be injured after a few months.
Features: Intense jogging on the spot at red lights, energy bars in the runner's bag

The show runner

He likes being a runner. Very practical, but above all as an abstract concept. It makes you look so dynamic, the show runner thinks, so young and full of energy. If he is as well trained as the dogged one, then not because he would enjoy hardness against himself, but because it is necessary. Passing others confidently like lightning, in summer with a bare upper body and sunglasses - that takes training. The show runner knows his marathon times by heart and likes to drop them in conversations. You can see him jogging in Tel Aviv or Cape Town on Facebook and Instagram. It never occurred to him to run like the Lone Wolf over godforsaken forest paths. Instead, you meet him in the center of the cities, in the big parks, which are his stage. If there wasn't an audience, he used an app to document exactly where he was when and how quickly. The smartphone in general. Listening to music with the headset (bass!) Or talking on the phone while jogging at high speed looks unmatched cool, he thinks.
Features: especially upright posture, top "Finisher Boston Marathon"

The retiree

His skin is leathery, tanned by the sun, and not a gram of fat under it. And even if he should have a place, that doesn't change his fitness. In his early twenties, the retiree was no more athletic than he is today, and above all he did not care about his health back then. Now he has time to train and perhaps the quiet - unacknowledged - hope of running away from death. Having something to do in retirement also makes him happy. Accordingly, he carefully follows his training (including stretching!) And runs outdoors all year round, even during winter. In addition, there is the compensation program for the back at Kieser. He may be unambitious, but reaching the goal in competitions is always a triumph for him. He prefers running events for a good cause (Kindernothilfe etc.) or smaller ones with a family atmosphere. His strength is stamina. At the beginning of the marathon, the boys should pass him calmly, but at 30 km you will meet again.
Features: Headband, drinking belt, medal collection in the hobby room

The casual one

"Happy go lucky" could be the motto of your life. Running is no exception, which is why it attracts the secret envy of the slender, the less quiet contempt of the dogged and in the group the hatred of numerous pack runners. The casual girl has never paid attention to her diet, she likes to eat and sometimes drinks when she is thirsty. And their unsteady, erratic character has always stood in the way of regular training. The only time she really got into running was when she had to write her master's thesis. Sport, like tidying up or washing up, was a way of avoiding desk work. Nevertheless, when she does run again, she easily pulls past most of the others. With her good investments, given a lot of polish through life, she can become a successful retiree in running.
Features: old cotton leggings, Adidas Samba

Checkpoint running group

If you are a pack runner, we cordially invite you to the new running group of the Tagesspiegel newsletter Checkpoint. The idea: Do sports together and get to know unknown routes and neighborhoods. We'll go jogging once a week until the Berlin Marathon on September 29th. We will inform you of the time and place at the checkpoint (free registration: checkpoint.tagesspiegel.de). No matter whether you are a bogeyman, a hobby runner or a secret Eliud Kipchoge - everyone is welcome. Run with us!

The pack runner

Exists in three forms. The most common type seeks company. She wants to get to know people, so she registers at running meetings, or she meets up with friends. She looks forward to the cup of coffee afterwards, even more than the exercise and the short-winded conversation. On average athletic and below average ambitious, she still takes part in competitions, especially in relay races - the feeling of community is particularly strong there.

Type 2, on the other hand, does not have a distinctly sociable streak. She just uses the group. She knows from experience that she could never get herself up to sport on a regular basis. Social pressure helps, for example malicious comments in the WhatsApp running group. Fear of ridicule also drives the pack runner against her will. Your boss came up with the idea that taking part in a company run was “a great team-building measure”, and the colleagues are supposedly “totally enthusiastic” about it. Since then, type 3 has only one goal: to be faster than their intimate enemy from the accounting department.
Features: Running clothes from Decathlon, champagne glasses made of plastic for toasting after the finish

The lonely wolf

He thinks yoga is silly, but after a day in front of the computer he needs exercise too. But please without other people. Joggers who cross his path get on his nerves, especially show runners and dogged people. He regards high-tech running shoes as a rip-off, medals as embarrassing dust catchers. The lone wolf wants to indulge his thoughts, perceive himself and the nature along the way. Maybe he's running away from something - an unhappy relationship, a midlife crisis - and that's why he's been running a lot lately. As much as he may be traveling alone, he likes to share his love of sport with others again (and it's true love!). Once asked about it, it can be lyrical or esoteric. Then he praises jogging as a source of inspiration, raves about forest floors and summer rain, tells how he once ran into Rome on a pale October morning. If he hasn't already written about it himself, there are books like Haruki Murakami's “What I talk about when I talk about running” in his closet.
Features: functional no-name running clothes, thought-lost look

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