Apple uses functional programming principles internally

Software due diligence

Software penetrates more and more areas in industry and business. IT management and software development, which are currently still regarded as pure support functions in many places, could develop into core competencies in many companies in the course of digitization in the next few years. In order to be able to set the right course from a business perspective, a position determination is a prerequisite. This practical book gives an insight into the peculiarities and supposed secrets of software development. Methods are shown to identify the assets hidden in software development and to make them transparent.

The content

The intrinsic value of software and the value of the responsible software development behind it - Earned value method with beta factor 2.0 for software companies - Process of software due diligence - The challenges in the development team - Processes for highly productive software development - A look behind the scenes: The power -Tool "Code Review" .- Killer app or castle in the sky: Approaching a software product.- Which value drivers and which risks can be identified in the organization and in the code.

The target groups

The book is aimed at auditors, tax consultants, investors, business angels, M&A managers at banks as well as owners and managing directors of software companies or companies in which software development makes a significant contribution to value creation.

The author

Christian Demant is a consultant, successful IT entrepreneur and experienced software developer. He has been familiar with the subject of company valuation for many years from his own entrepreneurial experience and knows the problem from different perspectives. He is a book author and author of numerous publications.