How much does a bariatric surgery cost

Surgery to treat obesity

Surgery can lead to significant weight loss and improve health. However, there is also a risk of sometimes serious complications. After the procedure, you also have to change a lot in order to avoid digestive problems and deficiency symptoms. Therefore, good care after the operation is important.

For people with severe obesity or comorbidities such as diabetes, surgery may be an option to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time - for example, a stomach reduction. Such interventions are called bariatric operations (from “baros”, Greek: weight) or obesity operations. Suctioning off body fat is not a treatment option for obesity, as it has little impact on calorie intake and consumption and is associated with risks. In addition, it has not been shown to improve health.

According to the current recommendations of the medical societies, an operation is an option if

  • the BMI is over 40 (obesity grade 3) or
  • between 35 and 40 (obesity grade 2) and there are also other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea.

As a rule, however, an intervention is only considered if other attempts to lose weight are unsuccessful - for example, if an accompanied weight loss program with nutritional advice and exercise has not resulted in sufficient weight loss. For some people, an operation can also be useful without prior attempts to lose weight, for example if someone is over 50 or has severe comorbidities.

When deciding for or against an intervention, it is important to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Obesity surgeries can lead to significant weight loss, improve health and quality of life. They also have a beneficial effect on comorbidities, especially diabetes, and. But they can also lead to various complications and have lifelong effects. In addition, if you lose weight very quickly, you must expect gallstones to form.

Following the procedure, long-term lifestyle changes, such as diet, and regular check-ups are required. Many people regain weight easily several years after having obesity surgery.